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Thread: Tiffany Towncars - super service

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    Yes would recommend them over quicksilver and yes for precisely that reason. I have issues with the whole 'compulsary gratuity thing anyway - I know its cultural but if its part of the price just make it part of the price - if its compulsory it simply isn't a gratuilty is it? - like I said its cultural and I will touch on it inthe trip report, as disney are now printing 'suggested gratuities' on all their reciepts - With Quicksilver I paid the compulsory gratuity upfront - didn't tip the drver then got a stroppy phone call asking if I had been dissatisfied with the service as I hadn't tipped the driver

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    i would be so angry if they rang me up afterwards.

    how much was it from the WL to DC Chris?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 107370
    Yes would recommend them over quicksilver and yes for precisely that reason.
    Thank you. I'll go and have a look at their website.

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    WL to DC was $70 I think

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    Mmm interesting.

    Only used Quicksilver on the last trip and was most impressed with the servie.
    We had the limo to DC and paid the gratuity within the price i was quoted directly to the driver and he wasn't expecting anymore.
    We also phoned and used them for our transfer from I-Drive to Disney.They quoted me the wrong price but Gregory phoned and left me a message to say he had over quoted and gave me the revised price.

    I wonder if things have changed since.

    Will definitely look at the Tiffany site though.

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    Gregory was an old Tiffany employee apparently. Maybe things have changed - just felt it was time to move on.

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    I've used Tiffany on two visits, just round trip MCO>WDW>MCO. Excellent service. I tipped each driver individually--had a different driver for each leg of the journey.

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    There have been instances of "that other company's" original quote for service increasing once the booking had been confirmed.

    Tiffany has an excellent local reputation, and that really says it all in my book. I am considering using them for transport to and from the airport when I have to fly for work. Easier on me, and on parking the car at the airport!

    Good to know they provided the excellent service they've come to be known for.

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