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Thread: Astro Pics from Florida - kind of

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    As my beloved DSLR was at the butchers being modified I had only our trusty little F10 point and click camera to keep my mad hobby going whilst away - It was awesome to see a new sky and some new constellations and familiar ones looking different, really is a hobby to take anywhere - shame I couldn't have taken the scope as it was reasonably dark on the beach and thesky was so clear and still. Venus was spectacular while we were out there and if you look at venus in this sequence you can kind of tell it is becoming more 'half phase as the fornight progressed'

    I really really wish I had taken a tripod at the very least.

    And there were lods of circumzenithal arcs or 'sunbows' you get these with cirrus cloud over a low sun - dont look at the sun please people

    Think I just about managed to get it on here but again would have been faaaaaar better with a DSLR.

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    i can actually see the crescent of venus changing.

    I really like the mickey silhouette one.

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    oooo the mickey one is fab!

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    Oh my goodness! The Mickey photo is fabulous!

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    Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing with us! They were great, I can only imagine what they would have been like with your DSLR.

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    OH. MY. GAWWWWWWWD!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SOMETHING???? We have TWO!!! One huge one, and one of those little gorilla critters.

    Men. Sheesh. :wink:

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