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Thread: more tipping questions

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    I know we've chatted about this but Im still a bit confused about it

    Friends have just come back and showed me that in the payment wallet left on the table at the disney buffets it still suggests a tip of 15-20%

    I thought it was supposed to be 10% for buffets?

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    It's supposed to be whatever you please!!! 10% is the amount that the server is taxed on any table that they have served. It's determined by the IRS and non-negotiable. So, if the server doesn't receive at least 10% they are technically losing money.

    People tend to tip less than the full service "standard" for buffets as they are seen as less service.

    The "standard" tipping amount has been creeping up to 18-20% for table service. That would make the buffet amount creep upwards too.

    I usually tip the same amount at a buffet as at a full service (but remember, we only do a couple of Disney buffets) because the servers seem to work harder in my opinion!

    Tipping really is getting out of hand as far as I'm concerned.

    Tip what you feel the service is worth, but keep in mind the 10% bit.

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    Tipping is entirely at your discretion. Disney will list the 18% and 20% amounts so people won't have to do math. However, if you feel that the service doesn't warrant that amount, then don't pay it!

    However, if you are using the the Tables in Wonderland discount or have a party over 6, Disney will add that 18% right on.

    Tipping has gotten out of hand in this country

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