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Thread: tolls between the airport and disney?

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    Im trying to plan out how much change we need to get to disney from the airport.

    How many tolls are there and how much are they does anyone know? is it worth trying to buy some kind of charge card for it?

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    Geez, I can't give you specific amounts as I use a transponder, but no don't try to use a charge card as some toll booths are unmanned and take change only.

    I'd get a roll of quarters ($10) and keep it just for tolls. That should get you to and from the airport, I think.

    Surely someone here who has had to pay in cash for the tolls will know better than I.

    You can choose to not take toll roads from the airport, but the traffic will be quite a bit heavier.

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    Which airport? If you mean MCO then it is $2.50, if I remember correctly. There are two toll booths that will make change and they are $1.00 each. The one at exit 3 is $.50 and is exact change.

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    If traveling directly from MCO to WDW on--I think it's the 417 (Greeneway something or other), the tolls are about $2 or $2.50. If you exit an re-enter, you may encounter additional tolls. I would say have $2 or $3 in singles ($1 bills) and another $2 in quarters to be sure you cover everything.

    If you take I-4, there are no tolls that I recall. However, the traffic essentially is a parking lot, as Tink noted. Particularly a couple of hours either side of morning and afternoon rush hour!

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    You can also use Sand Lake to Central Parkway...or to I4, but again much will depend upon the time of day, etc.

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    Use Beachline expressway to I-4 then West to Osceola parkway and straight into Disney (about 25 minutes). There are 2 toll booths and they are 0.75c each. They will change up to a $20 bill. I went through last Sunday, unfortunetly going TO the airport.

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