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Thread: Yes it's the Jedi trip report again - part 1

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    OK I've been asked to post this here but I need to explain a bit first.

    Firstly this is the trip report following my last trip to WDW which was in December 2003 so some of the information here may well now be out of date.

    Also - this trip report was originally posted on another forum. The original version contained references to other members on that forum. I'll edit those out as much as possible but as such it may well be a bit disjointed in parts but I'll do my best.

    At the time it was posted I was a moderator for that forums Trip Report section and would allow no one to go to WDW without writing a report so became known as the Jedi Moderator. That's why it landed the title of Jedi trip report.

    Finally - yes there really is 71 parts to this trip report. I'll get round to doing an index and I'll plan on posting around 5 parts to each thread so I don't clog up this forum. The reason that it is 71 parts is that is was a very special holiday and I wanted to preserve as many memories from it as possible so just kept writing. If I get time I'll dig out some photos as well.

    It's still 88 days till we fly but having just booked my first PS for the trip I'm so excited the walls have dents in from my bouncing. So I thought I'd treat you to a pre-trip report of Jedi Master proportions. It will however, be published in several installments because if I posted it all now there'd be nothing left to look forward to over the next 88 days. Also it would be one very long post as I tend to waffle and digress a lot.

    Today I shall introduce you to our cast of characters.


    Me (Dawn) aka Trip Report Jedi Master – 38
    I lost count but I think this is my 7th trip to WDW. Main trip planner, correction THE trip planner, I tell them where to go and they go there. Being the organiser brings certain responsibilities so I spend time worrying about it all going right – but it’s never gone wrong yet, not totally. Notorious park closer – going 3 for 3 this time – I’ll let you know when I decide what date I will close Disney down again. Also usually main driver too because I know the way from the airport to WDW without a map. Apparently this makes me an expert on Florida’s roads, despite the fact that I am prone to taking random turnings just because it looks like a good road to turn down. Not too bad a habit in Florida but try doing random turns in Cornwall; I swear I drove through someone’s back garden once.

    This time I definitely want to do – Dumbo. Never felt could ride this without a small child to escort me. Niece Ellie has promised to hold my hand.

    Adrian (Dawn’s husband) – age 28
    3rd trip. Happy to go with the flow – very laid back – nothing stresses him. I repeat nothing stresses this guy – except hunger. Needs feeding at least every 2 hours though – hunger makes him cranky. Can’t eat anything containing vinegar or vinaigrette – like salad dressings, sauces, ketchup, mustard – get strange looks in restaurants when asking for a salad with no dressing. Main aim of this trip is to keep Dawn away from the traveller’s cheques, come home with less than 40 pins, and do as little shopping as possible. Will do anything for a quiet life. Doesn’t like not knowing where he is – see above comment re me taking random turnings. Goes quiet and starts shuffling maps when he thinks we’re lost, when actually we’re just taking the scenic route.

    This time I definitely want to do – anything to keep away from pin stations.

    Lesley aka Nanny Lesley (Dawn and larger Steve’s mum) – age 58 and proud of it
    2nd trip – first was in 1994 with me and she still remembers Minnie kissing her head in Epcot. Been desperate to return ever since and jumped at this chance. Has a habit of saying and doing unfortunately silly things when you least expect it, which is an endless source of amusement to her children, though may not be amusing to the INS. Mum, please don’t tell them you once put your library books in the deep freeze. Into textile craft big time – she is renowned for her silk tassels. Often stops to take a picture of a tree stump because the bark has an interesting pattern. Drew strange looks from CMs on last trip by photographing the roof of the Universe of Energy pavilion. Doesn’t do thrill rides. Still not forgiven me for tricking her into the line for Splash Mountain on last trip. She still rode though.

    This time I definitely want to do – Animal Kingdom. It wasn’t there on last trip.

    Steve (the much larger) aka Big Steve (Dawn’s baby brother) – age 35
    1st trip. Can match big sister’s sarcastic streak with ease. Whenever he and I are together we usually end up acting out Monty Python sketches. Pretty laid back but not afraid to let someone know if he is displeased about anything. Has been to Disneyland once, many years ago and got told off for laughing too loudly on Small World. 6ft 4ins tall – not sure of the significance of that but thought I’d point it out anyway. Though it probably will be significant when we try to squish him into an economy plane seat – he’s used to it. Will be referred to throughout the trip report as Big Steve. Keeps saying he’s going to buy one of every plush toy available at the World of Disney store…

    This time I definitely want to do – Small World and laugh all the way around again! And keep my wife away from shoe shops.

    Lisa (Big Steve’s wife, Dawn’s sister in law) – age I have no idea, around 30 I think
    1st trip and been working herself into a Disney frenzy since we booked this last May. Of course I have been feeding that frenzy with weekly phone calls detailing latest piece of planning that has taken place. Has habit of starting to laugh and not being able to stop – will be useful in places where volunteers will be required for ritual humiliation. Has a shoe fetish (her nickname is Imelda) – taking extra bag to cope with the shopping, and an extra extra bag just for shoes.

    This time I definitely want to do – it all, no wait, buy shoes I tell you, shoes!

    Ellie (Big Steve and Lisa’s daughter, Dawn’s niece) – turns 6 on day 2 of the trip
    Has been requesting a birthday meal with Winnie the Pooh for over a year. If she changes her mind now I will be seriously displeased. And a very helpful CM will have wasted her time booking a table for 8 at the Crystal Palace for me. Incredibly well behaved and smart kid; never known her throw an “I want” tantrum over anything – more than willing to take her chance with Father Christmas bringing something she wants. And if she doesn’t get it – well it’s no biggie to her. Also incredibly tolerant of her little brother when he goes into monster mode. Has Uncle Adrian wrapped around her little finger. Looking forward to meeting the Powerpuff Girls – yeah I know I’ve got to sit down and talk with her about this one!

    This time I definitely want to do – meet characters, especially Minnie in her red dress. And collect pressed pennies.

    Harry (Steve and Lisa’s son, Dawn’s nephew) – age 2 years 8 months
    Blond kid. There are no blond people in our family. ?? Always been a happy kid but prone to tantrums of the highest order if he doesn’t get his way. We are talking will turn into an alien if not happy. Won’t eat french fries or any kind of junk food – is happiest when faced with a bowl of broccoli. Loves trains, babies and his big sister – but gets jealous if he doesn’t get exactly the same as Ellie – ice cream and such. Drinks like a fish – seriously, he’s always drinking, and yes he’s perfectly healthy.

    This time I definitely want to do – who knows, he has a language all of his own that none of us understand. He truly does; he chats away to me on the phone for ages and I have no clue as to what he’s talking about.

    Steven (the smaller) Dawn and Adrian’s first born (and only born) – age 7 months
    1st trip – looking forward to testing everyone’s patience on 9 hour flight from London. Has more luggage than the rest of the group combined. Very sociable young chap – smiles at everyone and has yet to throw a tantrum in the supermarket. Usually just sits in the trolley seat and laughs at the checkout girl.

    This time I definitely want to do – same as I do every day – sleep, feed, babble, and ooze gunk out of both ends. Oh and I’m getting my first ever haircut at the Main St Barbershop.


    That's the travelling gang. Look out for the next installment, to be added to this thread at some yet to be determined time between now and 29th November.

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    this looks very good thank you for sharing it dawn hope its all there before we go away bcause im already making notes

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    Can't believe I've never read this, brilliant reading!:star-wars-smiley-02
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    Even funnier second time around!

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    I've read it before but it's worth a second glance!


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    Thanks for this repost Dawn. This was one of my all-time favourite reports.
    So much so, I am going to save this for later, then throw the kids and DH out of the living room, grab a glass or two of Baileys, and sit back and enjoy all over again!

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    It's visiting old friends. I've always loved this report Dawn and haven't had a chance to read it in ages!

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