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I've been to both. Can't say that I would actually go to either again.

Coral Reef. They couldn't find our ADR. The one time I don't have my number with me. They were going to accomodate us but it would be 2 hours. Alysia went out to the car and got my list and we were seated. The food was ok. The service was awful.

Garden Grill. I love the characters. The food was good at the time. However, I got pretty sick not too long after.

There are so many better restaurants at Epcot. I'd look a bit further.

Hehe, think we were there the same night!! Same with our ADR. They found it and we still had to wait over an hour. Food so so...

We have eaten at th GG several times and have enjoyed it each and every time. Not sure how it is now, but it was good a few years ago.