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Thread: Jedi trippie - part 3

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    Steve and Lisa visited yesterday and inspired me to write a bit more. Ellie was good as gold. Harry was a maniac, ran around being loud and frightened the life out of Steven. However, we did find out that Harry is scared of balloons, so once he is safely strapped into his plane seat we’re going to surround him with balloons to keep him there. We can take balloons on a plane, right? We promise not to burst them with a loud bang. Talking of loud bangs - Adrian made Harry a balloon airplane and one of the wings burst - Ellie thinks that will happen to our plane. Perhaps we'll just catch a passing balloon.

    We haven’t really planned much of an itinerary. There are 3 young children on their first trip and we don’t know how they’ll cope until we get there. So we’ve booked a few character meals and we’ll work around those depending on how the kids are doing. We plan on doing the 4 Disney parks, Sea World and Universal. If weather permits we’ll hit Typhoon Lagoon and hopefully we can take in an airboat ride too. So we’ve got:

    29th November – travelling, check in at All Star Movies.
    30th November – breakfast, supermarket for baby supplies/room and park snacks, Downtown Disney till kids, or grown-ups, flake out.
    1st December (Ellie’s birthday) – Magic Kingdom, Crystal Palace for Ellie’s birthday dinner.
    3rd December – Garden Grill character lunch.
    5th December – 50s Prime Time for lunch.
    7th December – Donald’s Breakfastosaurus – 8am EEK!
    9th December – Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
    13th December – Cinderella’s Gala Feast last night dinner.

    Of course just as we got to the week when I would be calling to make all the PS arrangements Disney changed their policy and threw my whole schedule into disarray. I had my dialling finger all poised and ready to go and then I had to wait another whole month before calling. The finger wasted a lot of adrenaline that day wondering whether it should dial or not.

    Big Steve and Lisa want to try out the Rainforest Café too so we’ll probably hit that on the first day. I’m figuring we’ll take the kids into the gift shop while we wait and let them look into the restaurant and see how they handle the elephants/gorillas/thunderstorms. Most of the rest of our dining will be off-site or counter service. None of us, including the kids, will eat McDonalds or any other giant fast food chain (strange children, but they’d rather have vegetables) but we’re happy with decent Peco Bills type burgers.

    As far as advance planning goes, that’s it, we’ll take the rest of it day by day. And we’re ready for the cheerleaders’ arrival on 6th December; in fact Adrian and Big Steve are positively looking forward to it. I’m gonna spend a lot of time at the hotel looking for a guy with loads of cameras dressed in Tesco clothes. Don’t worry Keith, in real life I’m just as shy as you and if I spot you I will most likely just turn and run in the opposite direction in case you spot me.

    Oh and I’ve been talked into going to an Intercot meet on December 9th. Not sure how I got into that one but at least I’ll get to have a look round the Poly as that’s where we’re meeting.

    Still 9 weeks to go. The thought of spending two weeks in close proximity to Harry gets more terrifying with each day. Oh and his parents think he may have Tourette’s as he keeps telling everyone to SHUT UP! Oh great. And the word is he’ll run screaming from the first character he sees. Tell me again why I invited this child along?

    We ordered our Universal tickets from Omar this morning.

    OK so I’ll post something else just before we go as I’m sure there’ll be something else to report by then. If there isn’t then I’ll make something up – a song perhaps. Pre-trip reports jingles……..hmmmmm.

    Warning: on occasion through this trip report you may see some shameless plugs for products we used and found to be highly useful for our situation. We’ll refer to them as “Dawn’s shameless product placements.” The first of these will be TourGuideMike Radio found at and searching on “Disney”. This internet radio station provided many hours of musical entertainment whilst planning this trip. And quite frankly there’s nothing like a bit of Tiki Room to make the ironing more fun, though Steven preferred dancing round the room to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.

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    Fab! I hope you get the good room away from the cheerleaders and such!

    Personally, I think I'd rather have the room right next to them... if the cheerleaders are anything like the ones in the films!
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    Hurry up and get there already!



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