I was just sitting at home on weekend when I get a PM from my BFF Rebecca. It seems one of the lovely perks Ms. Rebecca has at her work besides meeting Superstars of the WWE are also a nice 2 weeks of vacation in March. So, she's itching to get away from the cold. She asks me to see if there are any AP rates available at WDW. There are! $69 at the values. Then she tells me about the lovely $69 rates via Airtran. WEll GO I SAY!! She then says, "Oh Johnie.....do you want to come with us?" Well.....who can say no to that??? Not me

So, we then decide to have me come up and visit the weekend before. So, I am off to NYC on Friday, March 20th. I priceline a hotel and we got the Sheraton Manhattan for a song. Rebecca has managed to snag us orchestra seats for Wicked and a visit BACKSTAGE I am sooooo excited!! So, we're spending Fri and Sat in NYC getting up to all sorts of trouble I imagine. It's what happens.....we can't help it

We're going to take the train back to her house on Sat and then she, I and Jon will be heading to WDW on Sunday! I managed to snag a lunch ADR for Le Cellier for Monday. Jon is going to abandon us to go watch baseball one day We will have lots of fun without him!

So, I reckon I am going to have to take my big suitcase for this short trip just to accomodate the extremes in clothing :tongue: