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Thread: Carpe Diem Feb 09 - Sat 7th - Part 2 Magic Kingdom

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    Well we were sat there in the sunshine feeling it warm on our faces for the first time, there was still a nip in the air but that was driven from our bodies by the excitement of the day, we were back and we were going into the heart of the magic. With just a few minutes to park opening the holding area just in front of the station was hardly what you would call full and the boys spent their time playing with the other kids with the hula hoops provided by the CM's

    I pop over to the little shop and get the obligatory autograph books and a 2009 pen and its time for the opening ceremony - today the mayor is a mayoress so that is progress :wink:, the boys love it and are more concerned with running around and picking up the pixie dust and streamers afterwards than joining the run for the rides.

    We walk then under the train track and up onto mainstreet USA and the holiday is now officially begun, as soon as the site of the castle swings into view the real world melts away and Disney magic becomes all consuming. On the slow saunter up mainstreet it becomes obvious that Matthew isn't that keen on any of the bigger rides for now, evidently the dozy woman on the 'Top 7 must sees' screams a lot on the rides and he has assumed therefore that they are all terrifying As such we need to pick an old favorite that is safe to get him started and we decide on Buzz and it is a straight walk on - top tip for Buzz by the way if you want to get a high score don't go on with Matthew as he thinks the object of the game is to keep the car spinning constantly whilst pointing at stuff. Bounce of this and decide it is time to go onto the TTA - always a favorite and always empty for some reason - Matthew remembers something from the past and decides to freak out at this saying he doesn't want to go on as it has 'got a dark bit in it' so we drag him on anyway and he sits and quietly shakes a bit until he sees the big model in the first dark bit and decides he loves this ride and declares it 'his best' ad by the time we get off he is bouncing and saying he wants to do it a million billion times.

    Thomas is keen to open his roller coaster account and there is no queue at all at Space Mountain as we have seen on the TTA so I take him off for this whilst Lisa takes Matthew on his 'Car Ride'

    Thomas declares the photos on the way into Space mountain 'rubbish' and 'not as good as yours Daddy' as they have them all the wrong way round, unfortunately as it is a walk on noone is around to hear this moment of parenting pride. Straight on and into the front of the front car - I always feel the need to at least touch his shoulder on this don't know why probably the lack of restraints, lots of fun as always , always feel a bit battered afterwards as you can't see the drops and turns coming. Also I find it a constant puzzle where the ride actually is, when you finish the ride you always seem to be dropped off about 15 miles away from the entrance - decide its probably somewhere out near KSC as that would make sense, wave like idiots at the cameras and off to find Matthew and Mummy

    Matthew had fun apparently on the speedway but was a little miffed that the cars didn't go faster. Lisa isn't as Matthew basically spends the whole time trying to make the car smash into the little rail in the middle. Watching them go round it occurs to me one of the saddest sights at Disney is seeing the fathers who insist on driving those little cars whilst their kids sit next to them looking sad.

    Boys as yet undecided about the laugh floor so we head up towards fantasyland instead. Boys get waylayed by Alice and the Mad Hatter so mummy goes to get a FP for pooh. Bit of a grumpy mad hatter who is complaining about the length of his set anyway the boys don't seem to notice and Alice is lovely to them.

    Pooh is actually a walk on when we walk around there so we walk on and I just have time to tell Thomas about Mr Toad in the queue and he is thrilled to see him in the ride - its a lovely lttle ride but it is soooo short and the queues get soo long. Matthew now appoints the Pooh ride as 'his best' but this may have little to do with the fact that the sherbert machines are now back after a couple of years of absence, and he still remembers hat if he has blue sherbert he will get blue poo the next day. Tell him not now as its only 10ish in the morning and decide to go for Philharmagic next, Matthew again a little anxious in the dark but this is simply one of THE most magical Disney experiences in the park IMHO and watching all the kids trying to nick Ariel's treasure is just brilliant Matthew wanted to check Donald was ok at the end and a cast member reassured him he was fine

    From here we wandered around the corner onto an empty Small world

    'Ladies and gentlemen for you sanity please keep your eyes and ears closed at all times during the ride - got a :dozey: from a CM well I thought it was funny. Matthew declared this ride a 'baby ride' and 'not his best'

    Time for the Pooh fastpasses now so we head back over there and submit to the first 6 inches of sherbert of the holiday . 2 weeks of play-doh fun factory await us

    As he is now tanked up on sugar we test the water

    'erm.... how about Splash Mountain?'
    'Will you buy me a Brer Rabbit?'
    ' will you let me wear a poncho?'

    The moment I had waited for ever since i proposed to Lisa was imminent

    a 20 minute queue, during which he was fine was almost ruined in the first minute of being in the log by a stupid stupid girl behind him who insisted on screaming OMGOMGOMG as soon as we got in, this freaked him out terribly and I had to ask her to please calm down as she was upsetting him and to be fair she did a bit. - after that is was great he loved the animatronics and was fine on the drop - said he wanted to hold his arms in the air next time and bounced off the ride declaring it 'wicked' - he asked us not to get the picture as he wanted to do a better one ( wrong move as it turns out as he did not want to do it again later )

    Bought Brer rabbit after meeting cowboy goofy outside Splash

    and thought we would test the water for BTM. Matthew was NOT going on this 'it makes Stacey scream ' - how do you explain happy scream to a 6 year old anyway he go so worked up he laid on the ground - clearly he has supernatural power as the second he did that the ride broke and was evacuated ( note to self don't alarm the boy )

    Well we hadn't done bad so far and it was lunchtime and the travels of the day before and the early morning were making us a bit frazzled and we needed a break so we headed for the burger place in adventureland that I can never pronounce the name of. I had a prok sandwich the boys had burgers and lisa had a salady thing. Matthew reinvested lemon coke by drinking Lisa and my drinks simultaneously with 2 straws.

    After this we popped down to the flying carpet ride for a quick spin as the boys seem to love it and pick up some FP's for the Jungle cruise - we tell Matthew he can have an ice cream if he is brave enough to go on Pirates.

    Now he was more than a little scared in the queue which was quite lengthy by now - he faked a couple of potty emergencies and clearly wasn't happy about it

    'I'll run away from you' he says in the queue

    and quick as you like Thomas pipes up

    ' Well that won't work will it Matthew'


    'Do you have any money?'


    'So heres what will will run away , we will lose you, you will become hungry and die, you will turn into a skeleton, a cast member will find you and do you know what they'll say?'


    'They'll say, wow what a great skeleton that'll look good on the Prates ride, so there's no point running away cos you'll end up on the ride anyway'

    Lisa and I were it took him 2 seconds to come up with that and it had logic and everything. Well anyway it worked and as long as we promised to cover his eyes for the Davy Jones bit he enjoyed it very much. Because he was brae he got a pressed penny which he was dead chuffed about - this ended up being a useful ruse

    to be continued soon...

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    Great report!

    Do you mean Pecos Bill?

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    Great reading. Understand the fear of your boy. We scared Lily with fast rides ie TOT when she was 3. She now refuses to go on most things. We do like blackmail though and we to also have a very impressive pressed penny collection.

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    nope I can say that

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    What is the restaurant then? Oh the mexican place?

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    A brilliant first day and wonderful pictures I am so plesed to see you know the Disney Law; that you have to go to MK on your first day .

    Well done to Mathew for going on pirates, and Thomas going on SM.

    I to find bribery (opps i should say rewards for being brave) worked wonders when my guys were small.

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    thats it, as the burger place was shut they had commandeered it for the selling of burgers

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    Unless you can trill your R's then you can't pronounce the restaurant name.

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    I do have occasionally have trouble with my r's , but this is a family forum

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    stuffs hankie into mouth to stop the guffaws...... oh to be in the queue of pirates that day.....

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