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    Does anyone know if there's a schedule of which performers are at the boardwalk? we never seem to be able to see them only hear about them from other people

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    I honestly don't know of a schedule, I only know that we see them at the evening. Usually at or around 7:00 and onwards, or so.

    If you were on the boardwalk between 6:00 and 9:00 pm you'd be most likely to see them.

    I know they are often out and around when the Illuminations crowd passes through.

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    I've never seen one--although that certainly doesn't mean there isn't one!

    I think most of them are out in the evening. I haven't seen very many of them.

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    We've seen a couple of different jugglers and a magician. The same guys were performing at DTDM during the Christmas period.

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    They'll have sax players sometimes too. They are the same ones who are in MK. And if you are very lucky you will see the Dixie Land Jazz players. :9: They aren't around often, so when they are it's well worth the time to stop and listen to them.

    The rolling piano player is almost always there. Musicale Mark, I believe.

    There is the sword swallower or balancer or whatever it is he actually does. He has a heavy eastern European accent (if that helps you to identify to whom I am referring).

    The acts ebb and flow and some are regulars and some are not. Never too sure exactly how it's planned. Once the Boardwalk Buskers left, things changed up and haven't been the same...

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    I did a google search and found that the boarwalk entertainment is Thursday through Sunday nights from 6:30pm to 10:30pm

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    That makes sense then. I thought they had been more scarce. I'm sure they used to be around more often. But that was ages ago.

    Thanks for the info Johnie.

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