seeing that he doesn't pop in much to tell you anything i thought i'd do it instead!

next week he has to spend a doing work experience and this is where he's going......he'll be doing Admin stuff so photocopying and things like that I imagine but it looks really interersting doesn't it?

his original placement working with my BIL-to-be (checking on areas needed vegetation (weed!) management and such like) was refused as he'd be walking on the pavements - 'cos like he doesn't walk on the pavements every single day does he...oh no!

the school then offered him hotel work, making beds. I'm sorry but that is not acceptable for a work experience placement, nothing wrong with it you understand but i don't think it's acceptable. if they were to show how a hotel is run then fine - but changing beds......

sooooo they suddenly came up with the projects abroad one which we jumped at. I spoke with the lady who will be responsible for him he's there and she seems really nice - we get to go out and say Hi to her Friday afternoon, AND it's only 1/2 hours walk away or 5 minutes in the car!