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Thread: best binoculars to get started ?

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    I know I've just asked about saving for disney but I need cheering up

    What type of binoculars could I buy to star or planet gaze? I want to get something good enough so that I dont need to buy a telescope for awhile also I was thinking I could take the binoculars to other places so would get more use out of them

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    apparently every once in a while lidl have some for 9.99 - skywatcher was going to tell me when he saw them next. Apparently you don't have to spend a lot of money

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    I have a pair of cheap Bresser 10x50 bins from Lidls - they usually retail for around 30 - there let you see bright galaxy cores and nebulae as feint milky smudges and let you see some moon detail and the planets as tiny discs - if you want to see more detail on the moon or the planets you would need a telescope but bins are fantastic for their portability and ability to quickly scan the night sky - mine go everywhere with me

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    yep still checking lidls and none around recently - they had them in NI a couple of weeks back but that would have cost a bit to go and get them

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    got some today! am just about to go out- what should i look for?

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    Look for the nebula under orions belt its a feint smudge but you can definitely see its 'smokey' and not a star - looks really good if there is no light pollution

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