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    Quote Originally Posted by Mari, post: 114979

    My parents have had one tortoise for maybe 15 years, and it has never hibernated

    this is fascinating!!

    cant see the pics here :(
    With the mexican climate, s/he probably doesn't sense the need to hibernate, they certainly know that it is time to hibernate in climates that allow it. Mine, even when I keep them going that bit longer, show a strong urge to hibernate, dispite being under bright lights and having the right temperature. They are thought to sense the change in baromatic pressure. Perhaps s/he can't sense this in the Mexican Climate, or perhaps he isn't a species of that hibernate

    Do you know what species it is? If they are interested to find out and you post some pictures of him/her than I will be able to let you know That is of course if they are interested!
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    Josh, love those pics. It's fascinating reading about them too. Thanks

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