I got my hair colored and went to a new place around the corner from my house . No her names not Becca , its Marla . I originally went for a spiral perm . She said my ends were so fried on the ends that I needed like an inch cut off . So, she suggests the color first and the perm later . And the color was on sale and perms next month . So, Kewl !
She brings the book out and matches the color , no bleach, no highlights . So, she left some of my blonde highlights and asks if she can try a level below my hair color called Mocha .
Ladies my hair is Golden Strawberry Blonde . I look like I'm 10 years younger . My neighbour Dana noticed as I walked across the street and said, I like it, you look younger really, we had a laugh though I was like Well Your Saying I looked Old Before ! Anyway, I think I like it , I'm not real sure yet . Its a change thats for sure .
All I need now is red stripes .