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Thread: keys to the kingdom or backstage magic?

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    Ive read about both these tours on here, thank you but still cant decide which one to do

    The backstage one seems very very expensive but I'll pay if its that much better?

    Could anyone give me an idea of the differences?

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    I've only done KTTK, which is four to five hours (depends on the CM), with lunch at Columbia Harbour House. We really enjoyed it. Leu, my BFF and travel buddy, didn't want to do it and ended up raving about it!

    I believe the Backstage Tour is a full-day tour, which accounts for the additional cost.

    Hopefully, someone who has done at least the Backstage Tour will be along soon with comments.

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    We've only done KTTK. Really enjoyed it. keep in mind that this is NOT for children.

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    we've done both a few times

    Both are great! HOW great depends on the CM taking the tour but you don't have a say in that

    KTTK is the best value I think. You rush here and there around MK with tons of info and get on some rides first etc. It's a bit of a bargain as tours go and doesnt destroy any magic

    Backstage magic takes you to other parks, EPCOT, the studios as well as to workshops and other behind the scenes places. Whereas KTTK was 100% interesting, I guess some of BM could occasionally get a bit old. There was about 30 mins in a warehouse which got a bit boring the first time though the second time we did it the CM pointed out interesting bits.

    I dont think you can go far wrong with either but I'd probably start with KTTK
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    I have taken the Backstage Magic tour twice in the past and will be taking it again in September. They hit same basic spots each time, but do change it up from year to year to keep guests returning. It's well worth the money if you are a true Disney fanatic. If you don't want the "magic" spoiled, I would not recommend it. I am in the industry so I like to know the nuts and bolts of things, but if you don't want the illlusions revealed to you, or tire easily of technical information, perhaps try the shorter tour at Epcot called "Undiscovered Epcot". This is a less technical tour, shorter in length and you still get to see some great back-stage areas, including the Cast Services building, which is pretty interesting in itself.

    One year I just picked up the phone, asked the resort operator to connect me with the chef's office of the resort kitchen and asked for a personal tour. (I was attending culinary school at the time) Not only did I tour my resort kitchen, he set it up for me to go into World Showcase prior to opening and tour several kitchens and meet those chefs in their working environment. And they say you can't get anything for free at Disney!

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