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Thread: Which moderate?

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    We hoped to have it decided but are having trouble getting in the pirate section of caribbean for our dates so now we're back looking again

    port orleans seems to be a favourite of people here but they look old and a bit shabby on some pictures?

    Coronado looks nice but if its a convention resort it might feel like the dolphin which we didnt like because we felt as holidaymakers we were the odd ones out


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    Carribean Beach is still nice even if you dont get a Pirate room. The grounds are HUGE though

    There is no run down hotels at Disney...period.

    What exactly are you looking for in a hotel? We may be able to help you a bit more to find what will make you happy!

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    Port Orleans is a favorite. I've only been through there, and visited my brother when they stayed there and it is a lovely place. We took a pontoon boat down the canals one time and saw the place from that vantage point and boy was it pretty. I'd really like to stay there one day.

    Coronado Springs is a nice place too. Big and sprawling like Caribbean Beach. Yes, they have conventions there, but that's true for many of the Disney resorts, especially the deluxe resorts.

    I don't think you'ld be unhappy with Port Orleans.

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    POrt Orleans is lovely and when we went there we really found it very relaxing , nice boat ride to DTD and the plethora of bus stops around the hotel meant you were never that far from a bus.

    We also liked the horsey ride of an evening as well. i loved it and would go back any time, don't be put off by how it looks from the outside - the riverside area always does look a bit 'drab' I suppose but then that is part of the theme - the French Quater always looked smart as paint to me

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    I've only stayed at CSR--which was my last choice as a moderate and the only one available for a last-minute trip--and loved it. The Casitas are closest to the convention area and tend to house more of the conventioneers, although you'll find them sprinkled throughout the resort. Many bring their families, or their families arrive a few days before the end of a longer convention.

    It is a large resort and I was walking wounded that visit--so what's new?--which made it seem even larger. But I managed it very nicely and the CMs were terrific. Didn't love Pepper Market, although many do. It does cater to a wide variety of tastes, which is good. Had one dinner at Maya Grill, which was very good.

    Didn't use the pool, but if I could be a child again, I would love the Dig Site!

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