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Thread: candlelight processional?

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    We've meant to do this but never got round to it. Do any of you do it every year as a tradition?

    Is this like fantasmic where the dinner package is a must do now or can we just turn up?

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    If you don't do the dinner package you will need to stand on line for at least an hour prior to get seats.

    We've always stood at the back to watch it and never have bothered to stand on line for a seat, but many folks don't like that.

    This is one of those events that either it means the world to you and you love it, or it's not so very important. I enjoy seeing it when Marlee Matlan, the deaf actress is the narrator as she signs (and there is a speaking interpreter for her).

    It is very pretty, but it's not my sort of "thing".

    I would say if you wanted the full effect, to book the dinner package and be sure you had a nice seat that way.

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    You'll have to queue, with or without the dinner package. But you'll spend less time in the queue with the dinner package than without--if that makes sense?

    I queued for 2 hours in 2004 and was one of the last to get a seat without a dinner package. It's beautiful, but I decided to just stand outside and listen after that experience.

    Edited to add:

    There are two separate queues--one for dinner package, one not. The dinner package queue has first priority, but about 30 minutes or so before the programme begins, they start allowing non-dinner package guests into the theatre. Best guess is you would need to be in the dinner package queue about one hour before the programme begins, but if you want to be reasonably certain of a seat without a dinner package, you'll need to queue at least three hours.

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    How do you book this please?

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    You call the WDW DINE number and tell them you want to book a dinner package for the Candlelight processional. Have your dates ready (and being flexible would be a good idea!) and the tier level you want (cost/price).

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