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Thread: 3 Kids Hit Disney - The Journey

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    Sunday 12th August 2007

    Ok so now the wait is finally over. It still hasnít sunk in that we are going because I still have to make sure we have everything packed, that all the lights are off, next door have the key to feed the cats, I have the tickets and passportsÖÖ.no wonder I canít get into the holiday spirit.

    This holiday has been booked since the beginning of March 2006 and the planning has taken since then to organise. I know the itinerary for our holiday inside out and back to front so donít really need to go as Iíve lived it and relived it in my head and on spreadsheets, word documents and powerpoint presentations for the last 18 months!!!

    Anyway everything finally checked we say goodbye to Twinkle, Spud and Billy (the cats) and my sister and her husband are at the door to pick us up at 8.30am.

    We live in Cornwall and have to cross a car ferry to get to Devon and the rest of the country and itís not until we are finally Ďat seaí that my emotions finally get the better of me!!! The journey across the River Tamar actually only lasts 7 minutes so itís not long before I start to feel sick with nerves again.

    We park the car at Bretonside Bus Station and see a rather long queue of people waiting for the Heathrow bus.

    We wait for what seems like forever in the line choking on other peoples cigarette smoke watching the 2 drivers shaking their heads and rubbing their chins.

    It transpires that far more people have turned up for the journey than they had expected. No **** Sherlock. The coach was already half full when it arrived from further down in Cornwall. I had already primed the kids while we were in the car that as soon as they started letting people on they were to push their way to the front while I got the cases loaded. This was one of my concerns about travelling alone with 2 kids but they have their Motherís determination and selfishness and managed to grab 3 seats at the back of the coach. The kids were quite useful in this respect later on in the holiday!

    Cases safely on, we waved an emotional goodbye (see a pattern forming here?) to my sister and BIL and the 20 or so people who didnít have children with them to elbow there way on!

    Finally on our way I started to relax. I got my Harry Potter book out while the kids emptied the contents of their goody bags out and we started eating sweets.

    HP lasted for about 30 seconds because I was starting to get so excited I couldnít concentrate!!!!!
    Out came the phone to text everyone on our progress. Lots of Dibbers were enlightened with my tales of National Express cock ups and I was inundated with messages of excitement about finally being on our way.

    Other than the kids laughing and making a lot of excited noise for the whole journey and DS(Jack) finding a raisin in his ham roll which they both thought was hilarious the rest of the journey was boring and uneventful.

    We pulled into Heathrow airport earlier than expected and got straight onto our transfer bus to Gatwick. Well as Ďstraight oní as you can get with 3 cases as Iíd told the kids to run on head and get seats again!!!

    Anyway our luggage was soon loaded and we sat cuddled together at the back of the bus getting more and more excited. It finally hit me on our approach to Gatwick and I saw my first Virgin plane. Weíre going to Disney!!!!!
    DS had a huge spot on his chin which I just couldnít wait to squeeze so as we were on our own at the back of the coach I got him in a headlock and promise him Iíd buy him something at the airport if heíd let me get it!! Little did he realise that Iíd only meant his tea!!!!

    The coach pulled up outside South Terminal earlier than we had expected so when we got to check in for the Twilight service it was really quiet.

    The seats I had reserved that morning were no longer available as the plane we were flying on had changed but we were soon issued with boarding passes and seats 37ABC were allocated.

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    Yay, all checked in!


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    Hi DB (Theresa??) I am just reading these & thought I would let you know how wonderful I think it was for you to take the kids on your own to WDW fantastic I have only got this far at the mo & I'm sure you all had a FANTASTIC time.
    PS That suitcase looks HEAVY!!!!!!
    Sarah XXX


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    Love the spot story!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jodie, post: 63575
    Love the spot story!
    Was just about to say the same.. although I'm sure Jack wouldn't agree lol!! Really enjoying these so far!

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    Sounds so exciting, spot thing made me chuckle.

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    glad the trip to the airport went as smoothly as pos
    :tongue0011-1:been before and cant wait to go again:tongue0011-1:

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