Right Pirates has been done and its time to get an ice cream. The boys enjoy their first Mickey bar and Itzakadoozie of the holiday and Lisa and I test out the new citrus Dole whip - mmmmm yummy.( apparently the Swiss family tree house is closed as Michael Douglas and his family are playing in it ) We munch these and engage in a little people watching whilst waiting for our FP's for Jungle Cruise to roll around.

After the ice cream has been removed from every inch of the boy except around his mouth it is time to get onto the Jungle cruise and we are straight on. The patter is a little different this time and she comes up with a few slightly different jokes, I suspect they are allowed a little more leeway than in the past and its all good clean fun, the boys enjoy it immensely but most of the boat just looks :dozey: and I feel a little bad for our pilot. To be fair this needs a bit of an overhaul and looks very dated now. It would probably be top of my change list.

Drift up through adventure land now and stop to have a play with Mr Smee and Hook as Captain Sparrow is being mobbed by 'ladies of a certain age'

As we queue for the pirates the little boy infront of us gets a little freaked, Mathew bends down and strokes his hand saying ' don't worry they are only nice people in costumes ( another bit of childhood ends )

Well as we walk we find ourselves back at BTM, now you will remember from the last installment that the boy did NOT want to do this, so Lisa entered 'negotiations' Matthew was very torn, he wanted a bag of candy but he didn't want the ride; well needless to say greed conquers all and he relented and went on. He was a little nervous in the queue and wasn't a big fan of the bats or the climb up under the waterfall but when we got going he loved it. Waved at 'his Friend' the dinosaur at the end and asked ' where was the fire?' 'Stacey made it look like fire' Honestly THAT woman

Anyway it was only day 1 and he had been on Splash and Big thunder we were happy happy people, so he got a big bag of candy and a pressed penny for the collection.

Well after such a long day with no sleep we are feeling in need of a sit down and the boys are keen on the laughter floor so we decide to head over there as we have never done it before. Won't give too much away but it is very well done, Matthew was doing his 'fake laugh' very loudly to try and fill the canister for Mike and Thomas spent the whole time desperately trying to make himself invisible - a good addition to Tomorrowland I think, much better than Stitch at any rate.

Space mountain queue was too long by now but Buzz had good FP times so we grab these and go and meet the man himself outside the CoP.

Thomas seems very interested in CoP so we pop in and the boys absolutely love it, this was the shock of the holiday the boys kept wanting to go back on CoP. Thomas soaked up all the history and both came out humming the tune infact when we arrived home at the end of the trip the first thing Thomas did when he got in was sit in front of the piano and started playing the song so sosososososososo much better than IASW

Matthew getting a little heavy lidded at this point so we decide to make buzz the last ride of the day, much to their sleepy protests

Its going to be a spectromagic night so as we head out of the park the crowds are flooding in .

The boat is waiting for us as we arrive at the pier and I get all excited by the sky as we sat outside.

'Wow lisa look, the Moon is all edgeways and Venus is sooo bright and look look the constellations are all wrong as well Orion is high over head and I can't even see those stars from home...........Lisa.......Liiisa...'

'yes dear very nice

I swear it must feel like she has 3 kids sometimes, any way it was the perfect end to the day. The evening was warm, Disney music lilted out of the boats speakers as we chugged back to the hotel and the heavens blazed above, total peace. Simply can't believe how much we have done in 24 hours.

Quick meal in Roaring forks of their delicious chicken nuggets during which everyone is talking complete scribble due to a combination of sugar, tiredness, unmitigated joy at the day we have just had and in the boys case whatever E number turns American fanta that flourescent orange colour. Lisa tries to demonstrate a simple 'drunk test' by closing here eyes and touching her nose but misses by a mile and pokes herself in the eye. Thhomas is of course fine and Matthew manages only to get the top of his forehead. This underlines our need for beddy byes.

Back to our room ad Matthew pipes up

'ooo ooo look our servant has been and made my bed'

'MATTHEW' she's not our servant

'well she does stuff for us, so she must be'

too tired to argue we follollup onto the bed , I rather impressively manage not only to write trip report notes but also remember to take out my contact lenses before falling into a deeply contented coma.