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Thread: 2009 Refurb of WDW Swan & Dolphin

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    Just had a letter from VH and I quote ...

    "WDW Swan and Dolphin has been in touch to advise that they will be refurbishing their guest rooms. This is due to commence 1 April 2009. They will be replacing the carpeting, bedding and curtains. No noise should be heard unless you are within the vicinity of the work. We've been advised that guest rooms will be allocated away from the work, where possible, so there will be no disturbance to you. Also no public areas will be affected. The work is due to take Place Mon-Fri (am to 6pm and due for completion Dec 2009. All facilities and amenities will remain open duringthis time.
    I'm sorry that we've had to contact you with this information and should you have any queries please feel free to contact the customer service team on 0844 557 8830"

    Glad I changed to the BWI last week

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    1998 & 1999 - Disneyland Hotel & Sequoia Lodge- DLP
    2000 - Caribbean Beach Resort WDW
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    2005 - Hotel New York - DLRP
    2006 - Grand Floridian - WDW
    2007 - Yacht Club - WDW
    2008 - Disneyland Hotel, DLRP
    2009 - Yacht Club WDW, HRH & BLT
    2010 - Beach Club WDW

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    Whew! Good call on that one, Debbie2!

    They always say "no noise" but I've been in several places where they are redoing their rooms (apparently Hilton chains are ALL doing reconstruction right now) and it's messy, inconvenient and noisy. Nothing that you want to deal with on your holiday!!

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    Dont suppose there is any chance they will refurbish the dolphin to look like a dolphin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 115168
    Dont suppose there is any chance they will refurbish the dolphin to look like a dolphin
    very good point indeed
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