Hi everyone. New to the boards here, but not new to the whole DISNEY lovestyle. Our team consists of the following:
me, Renee - 43 and always adoring Disney fan
my hubby, Mark -also 43 - but WAYYYY older (hee hee)
our daughter, Laney -11 - but looks 16 as she is 5'9" and still growing
and our son Hayes, 10 - who is as big a Disney freak as I am.
We have been married for 17 years on June 20 this year and so we are making our 2nd trip with the kids to Disney. I know that does not seem like many trips, but our kids were foster children for almost 2 years until we could adopt them, so during that time it was difficult to take them out of state for a long trip. Once they officially became "ours forever" Disney was our first vacation. We celebrated our adoptions as well as the oversea adoption of our neice from China in 2003. Since then, everything has worked against us for a return trip (including the death of my mother over a three year period to cancer).
My best friend, Tammy - 40 and her two children (Stephen-18 and Morgan-14) will be joining us for our celebration.
We will be arriving on the 15th of June and leaving on the 22nd.
I look forward to learning new things to explore on our trip, although I am an overplanner and PROUD of it, so I spent about 6 months reading for the last trip.
Thanks for allowing me on this board and I look forward to getting to know you all.