As we came into land we were told that the Manchester flight was coming in right behind us so we had to be quick to get to immigration before they got off the plane!
Luckily I’d filed in our green visa waiver forms at the Hilton the night before so we were through in no time to pick up our luggage for the first time.
Ours was almost first off so we went straight through on the shuttle to collect it for the second time.

Those handy kids I took with me waited for the cases while I got our Virgin information from the desk then it was off to find our bus.

Being slightly tired and dare I say it emotional we kept getting out of the lift at the wrong level.
On our last try someone said hello to me and it was Barry and Carron from the Dibb with their son Josh and Nan. They had landed on the Manchester flight behind us.
It was a fleeting hello but so lovely to meet them and at least we managed the right level this time!

We were on a Disney Cruise Line bus and hearing our driver Bruce say ‘welcome to Orlando’ gave me another of those emotional moments!!

We were so excited looking at all the sites and signs on the journey it passed in no time and we were at the Rodeway Inn by 5.15pm.
DS insisted that he tip the driver and I had a lump in my throat AGAIN as I watched my little man grow up and take charge of the cases.

We were soon in room 813 (which is really spooky considering the date was 8/13/07) unpacking our cases and admiring the fantastic view of I-Drive and Universal from our window.

It is tradition to have our first ‘meal’ at Wendy’s so once I’d checked in with home and a few Dibbers off we went for a ‘large portion’.
DS photographed the local wildlife while DD and I just giggled because we were finally home.

We went via Walgreen’s on the way back for supplies of water, coke, OJ and Trolley passes.
I was relieved to see that the safe had a key this year and not a code as I always manage to mess it up.
We had a bath and got our stuff ready for our first day and then we must have fallen asleep because I can’t remember anymore!!!!!