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    I've just been chatting with friends that we are staying with and i'm getting really excited now so allow me to do some planning for this years holiday.

    We will be staying the night before at the ramada plaza gatwick with meet and greet parking and then flying into Atlanta with delta and then picking up a mini van and driving about an hour outside of Atlanta to a lovely small town called Madison.

    We stay here because it's around 4 hours to Charleston and although we could drive straight through after a 9 hour flight and the time it takes to get a rental car i think we would be too tired. Also in a vain way when i meet up with friends i haven't seen in 2 years i don't want to smell like an old shoe!! The hampton inn here has the most comfortable beds and we will go for chick filet which is the request of Daniel who will be 15 on the day we arrive. The freshly squeezed lemonade is imo to die for and i'm just thinking about it.

    We will probably be awake around 4/5- get up have our free breakfast and drive to charleston, arriving mid morning.

    While there we will go and stay with 2 sets of friends, the first being air force friends, they have 3 kids and live on the Ashley river in a beautiful home

    this is the view from their porch

    whilst with them we will go to a local water park, visit the Isle of Palms beach and drink cocktails at coconut joes, go to a baseball game at the charleston river dogs, eat fresh sushi, sit in the hot tub and visit downtown charleston for a praline souffle at high cotton http://www.mavericksouthernkitchens....ton/index.html and going out on the boat.

    and did i mention shopping

    then after a week we move to our other friends where we'll spend a few days just chillin and swimming and then we will be setting off in an RV convoy upstate to the mountains and river where they filmed deliverance-i'm really looking forward to this there is a lake there where apparently i'm going to learn to water ski

    I can't tell you how much we're all looking forward to this

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    Sounds lovely

    I LOVE the lemonaid at chickfilet it is perfect.

    Are you going to Pittypat's Porch?

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    oh yes, on the day we fly back at lunch time- see this is why i need to plan, i have all these things i want to do but can't remember them all the time.

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    Sounds great! That house is so pretty


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    It sounds brilliant Brit, that house is totally gorgeous! And you're going to get loads of variety too. What's Pittypats Porch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by britchick, post: 115689
    river where they filmed deliverance
    Ohhhh..... somebody's gonna do the Chattooga! If you get a chance, Tallulah Gorge is real close and quit breathtaking. It's sometimes referred to as the Niagra of the South.

    Then, if you need something to eat, there's always Dillard House in nearby Dillard, GA. This one's another southern staple!

    Quote Originally Posted by Deb, post: 115752
    What's Pittypats Porch?
    Pittypat's Porch is a restaurant we have here in Atlanta. It's an old, Southern tradition. Reminiscent of "Gone with the Wind". Website here.

    Tom (... self appointed Assitant Cruise Director and Southern Gentleman)

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    Keep your knees to your chest and push forward with your feet on the ascent! If you fall, LET GO OF THE TOW BAR as you feel yourself losing balance!!!

    Lean back, lean back, lean back...

    You'll be fine.

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    Wow, sounds like a fabulous trip

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