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Thread: Can we walk to DTD from port orleans?

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    I think there's a boat service but is there a path to walk from either of the port orleans to downtown?

    If we cant do it from po what about old key west or saratoga springs???????

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    You can't walk from PO to DTD, it is a long way but there are no paths that i know of anyway.

    You can walk from SS to DTD and i am pretty sure you can walk from OKW to DTD although that would be a bit further


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    yeah I must say, on the boat it feels like port orleans to Downtown is a longggg way. The boat is pretty slow I must admit but still

    It's a really nice boat ride though
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    Nope, no walking path from PO to DTD, but to confirm it's an easy walk from SSR to DTD, and an easy walk from OKW to DTD (as long as you know that the pathway to DTD from OKW is at the very back of the resort).

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