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Awwww, 'Nut. They are gorgeous. I love the one of the curving seacoast in particular.

Are those stairs? YIKES!!!!! That's some kinda hill!
oh my god no not stairs tink, its a sort of sky lift, like a ski lift thing that takes you to the top, imagine me climbing that lot, they would take me away in a box

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I really like the one with the river and the bridge. Great Photos!
thx keith, that my favourite too, i had loads more but lost them all :mad:

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Did you go on the little train thing? I never got the chance to do that. I might see if we can get to Lynmouth in August and take Steven on it.
no i only stayed around that area dawn, never saw a train thingy

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Great shots. I vaguely remember visiting Lynton and Lynmouth when we were small. Is there a museum there to do with floods?
that i couldnt tell you claire, try googling the local area TI