DD Alex has been a bit down in the dumps after being rejected for her "reach" school, Christopher Newport University (they had a 500% increase in applications over the past two years. Ave GPA was over 3.7 and SAT of over 1120). She has been waiting to hear from the other schools Longwood (my hope), Radford (pretty much a lock) and Old Dominion University (also pretty much a lock). The one I worried about most was Longwood University. Nice school, great reputation, and tougher to get in than the others. Well yesterday I came home to find a fat envelope from LU. As anyone will tell you skinny envelope means thanks but no thanks.

DW couldn't help but text her to come right home after tennis practice. I wanted it to be a total surprise. She figured out that some good news arrived, she didn't know which one. Needles to say when she saw it was Longwood, she was thrilled. Se smiled like the cheshire cat. We went out to celebrate. She wanted to bring a friend out with us for dinner. We had a nice meal at Olive Garden. I must admit I was probably more excited than Alex.

We are supposed to hear from Radford today. Wish us luck.