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Thread: Carpe Diem Feb 09 - Sunday 8th - EPCOT pt 2

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    i had litterally millions of soaps and other toiletries from disney and i just wasn't using them so i donated them to a women's refuge and they gave them to kids that had to flea their homes- figured they could do with something happy.

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    Soaps! We nicked loads of them from Pop one year, I felt like a bit of dodgy geezer when they get checked at Sanford!

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    Soap factory very funny:tongue:
    Unfortunately having never stayed onsite l have no idea if the soap is any good. Sounds like a great day. Did "Tink"erbelle deliver $5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 118478

    We walk round the world showcase to Norway as the ticket tells us to and the agents thre inform us that the adventure we will be doing is in Norway as well.

    The boys take it in turn to hold the Kimmunicator as the tasks are neatly divided up ( thank G*d)

    The Kimmunicator itself is a fantastic bit of kit and the animation on the screen is as perfect as any cartoon
    Thanks for those pics- I've never seen the kimmunicators before but they are as as I imagined
    Just have time before we crash out to put another 2 soaps into the case

    Well not all of us have a soap factory and I do like smelling the Disney soap when we get home
    There is something so nice about hotel soap I always take a bar (or three... hundred) when we go away. Reminds me of holidaying

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    Kim Possible sounds great. Another new thing to try in Epcot & we still havn't been to club cool to try 'Beverley'!!

    A brilliant & tiring 2nd day for you all xx

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    HA HA HA! LOVED the $5 suggestion for the tooth......
    WOW! We gotta go do that Kim Possible thingy.

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    Excellent adventures!

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    the Kim Impossible adventures sounds amazing! Im glad they came up with something to do for the kiddos, other than the kidcot stops!

    $5 is the going rate huh??? hahahaha... well, at least he was kind enough to let you know how much he was expecting, hahaha

    hahahahaha @ the soap factory.... I love Disney Soap! Its like been there all over again...

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    Ummmmm well? Did Tink bring the boy $5? Oh, I do hope she did!

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    If you read the next days trip report you shall find out

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