Today myself and Jade took Niamh for her first trip to the zoo today for Mother's day!

We got up nice and early to give Jade and Mum their gifts, had breakfast, and we where out the house by about 10. Niamh was wearing a jacket with bear ears on as so that she is dressed for the occasion ;

After queing, we where in the zoo for a little before 11 so we went straight to the elephant house.

Not sure if everyone will be familiar with Chester zoo, but the elephant house is the first thing you come to, they have an indoor bit that has african bird enclosures, aswell as the elephants sleeping quarters, and lots of info about elephants. We went through there, saw some fishes, a turtle and some birds. I realised that my camera didn't have much battery so I didn't take pics of the less interesting animals.

The elephants where outside but Niamh woke up demanding to be fed so we went over to the cafe to feed her.

After this we went around the outdoor part of the elephants enclosure, and the smaller ellies treated us to watching them play in the water whilst their Mums took turns to supervise them All together now.....

After this we headed over to what used to be the red pandas. We couldn't find them but instead we saw the new butterfly exhibit! My sister thought it would be different to what it was and quickly had to run through. She is sooo scared of fluttery things, but she thought they would be netted. It was brilliant and there was butterflies fluttering everywhere- their colours are stunning. A pair decided that they wanted to mate on jades shoulder and she screamed and let go of the pram!!! She was quickly ushered out looking very embarassed and a few people sniggered at her I pretended I didn't know her and carried on taking pics of the butterflies Unfortunatley I didn't get very many good ones as my lense kept steaming up, as did my glasses. (Didn't put contacts in today as I forgot to take them out last night so they where still in their solution)

Then over to my favourite bit... the reptile house, where we saw;
Galapagos tortoises;


and lots of pretty birds;

On our way out we got the obligatory flamingo photo's for aunty dorothy;

And then over to the okapi who was very shy;

Then before going to the new orangutan enclosure we visited the giraffes;

Gone a bit OTT with photo's so... Part two... coming soon!