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Thread: Carpe Diem Feb 09 - Monday 9th - DHS etc pt2

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    After we drag ourselves out of the most awesome shop in the world it is time for the next Power Ranger set and the boys complete their collection and strike various poses - its a shame ther always seems to be one that noone wants to play with whilst the other have huge queues - today the yellow ranger was all alone so Matthew played with her for a bit and spoke drivel at her until she had to go and save the world again.

    Well the sun is out and life is good and we are right outside Muppets - how great is that

    I hope I never get so cynical and out of touch with my childhood that I stop being thrilled by this......

    A difficult thing to explain to an 8 year old who has never seen it.

    Still a fantastic show and the boys laughed throughout, there is just something about Beaker that makes me laugh till I cry. Still it goes to show how much 3D has moved on since this was made - this was groundbreaking stuff in its day and is now avaliable on feature films.

    11.30 now and a little peckish so time for the now obligatory Pizza in Pizza planet - Lisa grabs the food whilst I dash over to the RnR for a fastpass and try and negotiate all the preteens prancing about waiting for HSM3

    Sorry is that offends I simply do not 'get it' FP are for 1.50-2.50 so I head back for Pizza

    I am always amazed , and a little humbled by how much effort the CM's put into their work there was a girl cleaning tables upstairs whilst we ate, clearly she was having a bad day and the table was in a mess but as soon as I caught her eye she turned on her 'Disney smile', that can't always be easy.

    After a filling Pizza we have some time to kill before the FP roll around and the boys are keen on Playhouse Disney as that is 'All New' -

    No show for a while and Thomas seems keen on the animation tour so we do this. Now we haven't done this since Florida stopped being a working studio and when we last did it they were working on Fantasia 2000, they have taken the show taht they use in Paris now and really thats it - it makes no real cohesive sense and tells you very little about the animation process, boys are happy enough though and its a chance for a sit down.

    Outthe back we get to meet Sorcerer Mickey as this is where he lives now and Bolt - the boys have no idea who he is but decide he's cool

    Just time now for the next showing of PHD - always been a guilty pleasure as we LOVED Bear in the big blue house , and the kids could regress safe in the knowledge that its dark in there and noone cares.

    Bear however is now gone He has been replaced by Mickey and the gang from the Playhouse

    and its cute enough I suppose

    Next up is the offspring of Bob the Builder and Dora the explorer

    Then the Little Einsteins are up

    and to round it off is the latest misinterpretation of that great British classic 'My friends Tigger and Pooh'

    Pretty disappointing really, boys not impressed at all - we have definitely 'moved on' with them.

    However if Bear had still been there yo can bet they would have been bouncing along and welling up to Lunas song just like we always did.

    The FP's have matured now so I take Thomas onthe RnR whils Lisa trys to get some Strawberrys ( another THING we do) ; excellent ride as always and we get to ride right in the front - oh yeah!!!

    Straight on and off and find Matthew with a huge back of jelly beans as apparently noone is selling Strawberries possibly as a result of the frosty weather or something , we tag and Lisa take Thomas on whilst I watch matthew throw $20 worth of jellybeans on the floor whilst animatedly describing something or other.

    Well its now 10 to 3 so we decide to try and grab a place for the Parade...

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    Keep going, you're on a roll with these reports

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    is bear not there anymore?

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    No strawberries??

    No Bear???????

    $20 dollars of jelly beans on THE FLOOR???!!

    This trip report is too sad....I hope the parade isn't cancelled or anything...what a cliffhanger...

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    I will write it tonight but it was getting late and I hadn't eaten my tea.

    The loss of Bear is a tough one he really was magical, now, well now its just rubbish

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    I watch Bear every morning before school.

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    I try to look at Luna each night

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    I want the goodbye song at my funeral.

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    That is an awesome thought

    I want 'shaddapaya face by Joe Dulce'

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    i know that heavy heart feeling when you realise the kids have moved on from something
    there are so many new things at studios thanks for the pics and the reports are great

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