Well with only a few minutes to go till show time we didn't think there would be any kerb space left for the parade especially as this was the 'busy' DHS day - but we were proved wrong as we grabbed a prime spot near the park entrance, you know one of those really good ones that is near a tree so you can 'save' your space around you and not worry about people pushing in at the last minute.

Really looking forward to this parade as we have always liked the DHS parades the best - the 'Stars in Cars was our fav last trip and this one is all PIXAR so it should be very cool.

Warm up pre parade was superb as always - the street entertainers were wonderful -

This guy

Played with Matthew for ages and gave him a fake dollar for entertaining most of our end of the street , there was another lady who came along and just told the kids their ages which was brilliant as Matthew had only been 6 for 2 weeks .

Time passed as it just seems to do at Disney and the parade music welled and the floats moved past

And finally the Bugs life one stopped infront of us

Basically wherever you are sat one of the 3main floats will park infront of you some characters will dance around to some pop ' classics' and a green army man from ontop of the float will shout at you whilst 'peppy' CM's will prace up and down infront of you and persistently try and drag you into the street to 'do the macarena or ymca'


Even the boys who were keen at first were put off by the squealy CM's trying to manhandle them into the street.

Needless to say there were plenty of precocious teens happy to oblige.

To be perfectly honest if it wasn't for the fact there were some new costume characters to see this would actually be my vision of hell; I know plenty will love it but it simply isn't what a disney parade is about for me and the kids wanted to wave and give high 5's to characters, that didn't happen - not impressed and we won't to it again

We pop into the shop to avoid the crowd post parade and Thomas as he finds a Disney Rubiks brand cube with a diffren character on each face ( sorry no pic) but he was in heaven

Well so far the day is going pretty well considering we had planned on AK and we have done loads in DHS but we are fading a bit so we decide to leave. We suggest the hotel for a swim but the boys want to 'do' something so I suggest Fantasia Mini golf - this gets a big :thumbs: so we walk down to the boat launch to the swolphin.

On the boat we have the usual conversation with the boys about why anyone thought THAT looked anything like a dolphin I mean it has scales!

The swolphin is , as usual for this time of year , hosting a geek.com convention where 's are walking around with flourescent backpacks and talking nasally at eachother in machine code - you can be sure if there was a medical convention here I would have bunked the lecture and gone to DHS - Lisa and I play our favourite game of 'spot the female' this is unsurprisingly nigh on impossible.

FMG is all but empty and we have a fantastic game with the boys who are very well behaved and happy . Try not to laugh as Thomas reads Toccata and Fuge as Toccata and Fudge

I spend most of my time trying to take pictures of circumzenithal arcs - sure I have posted the mickey one somewhere else

Decide the best wayto get home is to get a bus from the swollen dolphin to the MK then the boat back to the hotel

By the time the bus drops us off at the MK there is a nip in the air and any thoughts of 'shall we do Wishes' tonight are scuppered by our lack of jackets.

Thomas looks pleadingly at us

Pleeeeeease can we go on the monorail to the contemporary and get the boat from there. We protest as the boat to the WL is there and waiting but he goes up an octave, and to be honest we have done what the kids have asked all day and so far it has been great.

Monorail is sat waiting for us as we climb the ramp and we whisk around the corner in to the 'temporary.

Whilst the kids press pennies in the lobby I havea brainwave and nip around the corner to Chef Mickeys

Adopting my best ' Cat from Shrek' eyes I look pleadingly at the hostess.

' I suppose it would be pointless to ask if you have any walkups for a teeny weeny family who could just squeeze anywhere '

'Well, we are only allowed 2 walkups all night'

'Oh ok follow me.........'

could this day get any better we have walkups at Chef Mickeys for dinner

We are seated by the window with a perfect view of the castle

And we munch our delicious grub as the sun sets over the Floridean, Matthew slurps from his lightning mcqueen light up straw

(not great pics but the window was dirty)

Full to bursting point we walk back to the launch, watch 2 episodes of Jungle Fury and fall asleep

Moral for the day

'Listen to the Kids'