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Thread: Kim Possible Adventures around the World Showcase at EPCOT - Your Review

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    Have you done them? What did you think? Which ones were best?

    Lots of piccies if you took them please

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    God please someone tell me cause the little girl wants to do this for the December trip which is actually the May trip fo rher (cause she doesnt know she is going...)

    And what the enemy will see? They will see the flash of our cannons, and they will hear the ringing of our swords, and they will know what we can do! By the sweat of our brow and the strength of our backs and the courage in our hearts! Gentlemen, hoist the colors!

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    We haven't participated in this attraction since it went "live" however we enjoyed the "beta version" very much! When we were there in March, we saw LOADS of people playing...

    A few photos....


    Hot On The Trail

    Getting A Clue

    A Clue w/ a Surprise :wink: (Hint: SMILE!)

    It was fun...with a lot of cute's a great way to see parts of EPCOT that we don't typically take the time to enjoy...especially with children.

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    They have the Kim Possible CM's all over the place.

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    I was amazed how much was in each of these adventures and how large some of the 'interactions' were the finale of the China one was simply superb

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