Well, the work week starts out with gray, drizzly skies. Why is it that the lack of sunshine seems so much more problematic here in Florida than it did when I lived in the northeast? It's rather like a necessity here...

I'll be traveling again this week, so my opportunities to be here with all of you will be limited. I know this may sound silly, but I do so miss all of you when I'm not here! :spring:

The weekend went by far too quickly. We never got near WDW and intended to have a nice walk around the WS. The lawn didn't get mowed, the plants didn't get planted... no time to do it all it seems. We'll have to work faster, I guess.

We did get things purchased for Easter. A certain young one is going to have quite a visit from the Easter Bunny. :D :D (His Da will be properly horrified).

Perhaps it's my "upbringing?" This week (the approach to Easter) always seems so very solemn, gray and tinged with sadness to me.

Hope everyone else is having a Merrier Monday than I seem to be!

So then? What are your plans for this week?

How are you going to incorporate Disney into your daily lives this week? :D :D