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Thread: 3 kids hit Disney - RPR and US/IOA Part 2

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    Friday 17th August

    Was woken at 7am by a text from Catherine but soon went back to sleep in the lovely comfy bed until 8am. Best night sleep so far!
    Watched Dr Who again for a while then packed the bags, showered and dressed for another day of FOTL.
    The kids wanted a bottle of water but at $7 each from the room bar I told them to wait for a 69c refill!!
    We checked out and dropped the bags off at luggage services, who were pleased that we didn’t have the usual 5 cases and numerous Disney plushes, so that we could enjoy the day.

    We took some photos and video of the resort then walked to IOA.
    We decided to all the water rides first so we had the rest of the day to dry out.

    We did Pluto’s Barges 3 times in a row. We got soaked the first time so 2 more made no difference. I was so grateful for my crocs as I had no soggy socks and trainers to dry out.

    Next it was Dudley Do Right. I love this ride when I’m in the mood for getting wet so we went for it. We did it a couple of times with no wait which was great as the regular line was 55 minutes!!!! When we were coming out of the exit someone said ‘excuse me’ and I turned round to see a lovely man who had spotted my Dibb lanyard. It was Elsie and we stood and had a chat for about 10 minutes exchanging holiday stories before going our separate ways. He is such a lovely man and I wish we’d met his wife and the rest of the family.

    It took us all day to dry out (including the travellers checks in my bag pocket) while we did the rides in the rest of the park with no waits!!!

    We did Spiderman, Hulk and Storm Force a couple of times each and stopped for a photo session with Spidy and his ‘lunchbox’ before having lunch in the restaurant opposite the Spiderman ride.
    We managed to use our refillable mug for a second day.

    We made good use of the free locker system today with the finger print ID but used that many over them in the 2 parks we frequently forgot which number we had deposited our stuff in!

    The kids decided we needed to ride Duelling Dragons again so while we were there we did Poseidon’s Fury.
    After this we stopped for a rest and a Treasure Chest Sunday which I can’t wait to have again next year!!! It was strawberry and vanilla ice cream swirled together with strawberries and cream on top and it was to die for. Unfortunately the kids couldn’t finish theirs so I did!

    While we were eating it DS noticed a cell phone, which must have fallen from the DD ride, on top of one of the shop/tent roofs. We spent an amusing 10 minutes watching a member of staff trying to knock it off with a broom before it finally came crashing to the floor in pieces!

    Now that the Dr Seuss Trolley ride is open (the track was there on previous trips but no ride) we decided we had to have a go. It was a nice gentle ride with great views of the park but I wouldn’t wait in the regular line for it!

    We went back over to US via a LOT of shops and had our photo taken with Spongebob before riding the Mummy again 3 times in a row.
    We filled our cup with free water from one of the carts (all fed up with coke now) and took our seats for the Beetlejuice show.

    We left early because it was too hot and I think the show is a bit dated and headed over to MIB where I scored 251,000 points.

    It was really hot all day and we eventually dried out before returning to RPR by boat to collect our bags and get a taxi back to the Rodeway .Only $5 for the return journey.

    The pool beckoned so we spent a relaxing hour there before showering and heading to Ponderosa for dinner.
    I had garlic shrimps, DD had deep fried shrimps and DS had hot dog and fries.

    There were 2 Russian girls on the table next to us who had hooked up with 2 young and very rich English lads and they managed to get a free meal out of them before stuffing their bags with 2 baskets of rolls, a plate of fruit and a load of cookies to take home.

    The kids found it very amusing when I was served lemon with my cup of tea and as much as i told them of they insisted on playing with their food and we laughed so much.

    After paying I dragged them up to Walgreens for a quick look before watching TV in bed back at the hotel.

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    I love IOA!


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    I need some of that ice-cream :p

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    Those icecreams look delicious!! Great report again!

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    Great day again. x

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    great day again
    :tongue0011-1:been before and cant wait to go again:tongue0011-1:

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