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Thread: 3 kids hit Disney - Shopping and a Surprise

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    Saturday 18th August

    A quiet day planned today.
    Originally we had planned to go to Wet ‘n’ Wild today before the light bulb came on and I realised it was Saturday and that it would be heaving with locals!

    I was awoken at 6.38am by a text from my sister. What is it with people at home who can’t take away 5 and realise it’s still night time in the US!!!!

    Anyway I went back to sleep until 8am but then woke the kids up to tell them the good news that ‘we are going shopping’!!!!

    Luckily my 2 quite like shopping but there has to be something in it for them and on a Florida shopping trip theirs usually a lot in it for them!!

    I can’t remember what we did for breakfast but it was probably a free one in the hotel!
    We were at the trolley stop by 10.45. There was another family waiting there and when the trolley pulled up they didn’t move so I gestured to them o go first and they said ‘it’s ok thanks we’re waiting for the Lynx bus to Magic Kingdom’!!!!
    Why do people leave it so late? It would have taken them an hour to get there and by that time we would have done most of the park!!

    We had a pleasant trip down to Premium Outlets with the bus driver telling the kids not to forget to buy loads of things in the shops!
    Just before we got to PO we stopped for a driver change and the new one was rather tasty. I considered telling the kids that I’d decided to do Prime first so we could stay on the trolley but thought better of it!

    Our first stop was an early lunch which makes me think that we probably didn’t actually have breakfast. We always have the same thing here, a HUGE pizza and 2 MASSIVE cokes which only came to $14.

    I must be losing my touch because shopping was a big disappointment.
    I got a few bargains in the Disney outlet but that was it!
    We took the trolley back up to the new Prime Outlet which has replaced Belz but it was still a building site.
    On the way up we’d stopped at a surfy type shop where DD got some bits and a sports sop where DS got some Man Utd things.
    I managed to buy myself a pair of Gap jeans and a hoodie at Prime and the kids bought themselves a pair of K Swiss trainers each but all in all it was a huge let down.

    We waited for about ½ an hour for a bus to take us back to the hotel to drop our bags off before going out to dinner.

    I decided it was time to give the kids their next surprise.
    I made them sit on the bed while I set up the video camera and gave them another envelope to open.
    I was already crying as the penny dropped that the next day we were going to Discovery Cove. There were lots of tears of excitement and cries of ‘you’re the best Mum in the world’ followed by lots of screaming and jumping on beds.
    The video I have is priceless as you see the realisation hit them. I’m so glad I managed to keep it a secret or 4 months because I’ll never forget their reaction.

    We decided to go to Bennigans for dinner to celebrate.
    We had chips and salsa to start then I had the usual chicken strips (the ones here are to die for), DS had 4 mini burgers and DD had chicken bayou. We had cokes all round and finished off with a brownie bottom pie between us and the bill came to $43.

    We stopped at a couple of gift shops on the way back but with all the food and excitement I was desperate for the loo so we headed back to the hotel.

    DD went in after me and I told her not to flush the loo just yet as it was a bit blocked. She took no notice and proceeded to flush which sent the contents spilling over the rim and all over the floor………..

    I sent them down to reception, while I tried to stop it going on the carpet, and it wasn’t long before housekeeping were up with their plunger!!

    Once I’d got over the embarrassment and the kids had stopped laughing we got our bag packed ready for DC.

    We went to bed early because I had a ‘car’ ordered to pick us up at 7am to make sure we were first in the queue for our dolphin swim and got our monies worth of food!

    It is at this point I find in my notebook we did in fact have a free breakfast at the hotel.

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    Toilet. Spill.


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    What a wonderful surprise for the kids I bet their reaction was priceless! Ahh bless.
    Can't wait to read about 2morro!
    That chicken thingy that Jack had looked lovely too.
    You're having a smashing time I can tell! X


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    Bennigans looks yummy

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    Lol at you wanting to stay on the trolley and at the kids laughing about the toiley! Shame you didn't find much at Premium/Prime Outlets, I never seem to have that problem but saying that, this year I think the men bought more than me and DM overall :shocked025:

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    Aw lovely day, would love to see vid, this is making me well up so god knows what vid would do.

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    great day
    :tongue0011-1:been before and cant wait to go again:tongue0011-1:

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