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Thread: Tipping guidelines in the USA

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    Thank you Johnie!

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnie, post: 121761

    woman sitting there while I am trying to go to the bathroom!)

    I also tip the person who does mani/pedis esp cause I would never ever want to touch someone else's feet
    Im right there with you !!!

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    And here is a news flash for you. If the cabbie is a brat, I won't tip him either. :dozey:

    I've had a few (granted in NYC) and no, they weren't happy but they have a little tiny card in the front of their cabs that says TIPS ARE NOT A REQUIREMENT OF SERVICE!!!!

    That only works if you know the area well, of course. Take too long, or take me the wrong way and you just blew your tip buddy boy. I had one cabbie run the meter because he sat at GREEN lights balancing his check book. He also took me to the furthest door of the Javits center (not an insignificant walk) when I specifically told him which door and level. His tip? "Get an accountant to help with your checkbook and work on the memory to help with drop off directions." Whooeee, he was not pleased, but then neither was I.

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    Just out of curiosity folks, why would you NOT tip the Sommelier?

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    Because he is a Master at his work (or should be to use the term sommelier) and as a Master s/he is above taking tips. Andrea Immer (now Robinson) did about 20 minutes on the lack of professionalism creeping into the field of Sommeliers and she was NOT kind about it.

    I don't tip Maitre d's or Table d'hotes either. As I said, begging had gotten out of hand and that is what much of the so called "tipping" custom has become in this country. Begging. (Sheesh! Sorry to be so harsh sounding, but as you can see it's a serious pet peeve of mine)!

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    This is fascinating the whole 'tipping' culture simply does not exist in the UK - is this because these postions are poorly remunerated?

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    For the servers, yes. They make some stupid amount like $2-3 per hour and make up the difference in tips.

    For the rest, NO! They are all paid a wage or salary, some are licensed, educated (not that servers aren't, what I mean is that some are working under a degree that they've earned, there is no degree in serving ) and make more than I'll ever hope to make.

    It's totally gotten out of hand. Tipping should be for going above and beyond as far as I'm concerned. If as a doorman your job requires you to hail a cab for a guest at the hotel, why should the guest then tip you for doing your job???

    Ugh. Really. I'm so not rational on this topic.

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    I completely agree Tink. It IS out of hand. I'm in a direct service position and do a heck of a job ifIdosaysomyself but I don't get tipped and would never expect too.

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    If someone attempted to tip me I would not only be horrified, but totally offended. I am proud of the work I do, and my excellence is based on my personal work ethic, not renumeration. (OooooooOOOOOooo, snooty bit aren't I)? :spring:

    Seriously though. Tipping a server is absolutely fine. I don't even object to tipping pedicurists (I don't do manicures) because they don't make much either, but enough already.

    I once had a person in a hair cut place (one of those inexpensive ones) ASK me if I were going to tip once we got to the check out counter. I said, yes. He said, "How MUCH?"

    He got 10% and I never returned to that shop.

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    See thats where we are at in the UK - people are paid a wage and tips only happen if you provide service over and above - ther eis none of this 15-20% expected or giving the barman a pound for providing you with a drink

    Its all very strange

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 121926
    This is fascinating the whole 'tipping' culture simply does not exist in the UK - is this because these postions are poorly remunerated?
    This certainly applies on the cruise ships.
    The crew are only on a 6 month contract and although their lodging and food is obviously provided on the cruise, their tips account for the vast majority of their income.
    For this reason, DCL [and probably many of the other cruise lines] provide envelopes in your stateroom just before the end of your cruise for you to place their tips which you give out on your last night. They also have a recommended rate for each particular crew member.
    This is one of the few occasions when I don`t begrudge tipping at all because they all do a fantastic job and go out of their way to make sure that you have a great time.

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