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Thread: Carpe Diem Feb 09 - Wednesday 11th - Magic Kingdom and Blizzard Beach

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    All stirred at about 6 am which wasn't too bad, there is certainly something psychological about waking up before 6 am

    Well as you probably know this winter has been a little 'chilly' by Floridean standards but today the Temperatures are beginning to soar and our free copy of USA today tells us that the High is going tobe 83 ish

    The boys, after yesterdays ' taster' are gagging to do more swimming and area pleading to go to Blizzard beach - not something , frankly, we had planned on doing. Lisa and I , after a few days of staring at our bodies every morning in the' Mirror of Horror' were less than keen to do a public display of flesh, so we console the kids by saying we'll think about it



    Well as we are feeling a little bodily self concious today the only sensible think to do is have Pancakes for breakfast.

    I queue up for these with the tray.

    'What on Earth is that on your tray?' says pancake lady

    'This?, Oh Marmite its a kind os spread from England'

    She takes the jar and examines it

    Oh that is Hilarious!!!

    what is?

    the jar she then shows it to other people who are working or walking past

    its not that funny though is it?

    Well apparenly it is , Steve Martin look out, I'm coming to Hollywood and I have a Jar of Marmite

    Well we have 'done' all the parks now and we are awake nice and early so we arenot sure what to do, its a little chilly to do BB this early in the day and it doesn't open for a while and it would be a real shame to iss the opportunity for a park opening. We are keen on DHS but the boys , fuelled by a few rides last night are desparate to go back to the MK especially as it was so empty the day before. This seems sensible as it is so close we can nip there and come back to the room to get swimmers for BB ( shudder at the thought of it)

    The air is beginning to warm nicely as we get the boat over to the MK and we arrive at the park just as ickeys train draws up infront of the station.

    It seems to be very quiet again today

    The boys run up mainstreet giving 'High 4s' to all the CM's lining the street and waving us into the park.

    The Hub is bathed in bubbles and looks really pretty in the morning sunlight

    Thomas is very keen to go on the twin moutains to the left so we drift over in that direction, always good to get on these early

    Waiting all on his lonesome is Davy Crockett

    Look away now if you are used to a heaving Frontierland heavily populated during school holidays

    It was cool so we skipped ( yes skipped all the way to the mountains)

    Matthew is desparate to do BTM and we just have time for the obligatory 'Surname photo' that will never cease to give me a thrill ( I am 5)

    And we walk straight onto BTM

    Matthew whoops and hollers his whole way around the ride , laughing his ears off the whole way. I love this ride and its moments like this when we are all together and laughing that prove to me that I'm not crazy coming back here time and time again.

    This was however contrasted a few minutes later when Matthew decides he does NOT want to do Splash Mountain again , freaks out and runs off

    No matter how upset you are young man you do NOT run off we wouldn't atke you on if you are genuinely scared!! - This is a bit sad as he LOVED it when he went on 1st time and now he's gotten something in his head - So I go on with Thomas and its great but not quite the same. Nice to see everything working - the $$$ animatronic is back bouncing along and the water jets are working in the bottom bit - which is the first time I have seen them working for years

    Well the park is still empty so we decide to go for a wander, Thomas is still having a ' think' about the Haunted Mansion so we arrive in Fantasyland and Peter Pan is empty this is getting spooky .so we walk onto this and then over the road and onto small world - the pain is slightly eased by the fact that Thomas is now looking everywhere for Hidden Mickeys - this helps the time pass, a little at least.

    Quick 'Winnie' and then a Pooh and Teacups and we realise we haven't so far been into Toontown so we amble down.

    Sooo glad there was no wait for Barnstormer as this is such a short ride , I'm sure in the past you went round twice - anyway both the boys loved this while it lasted and then had a play in the water in Donalds house then explre the House of Mouse- Thomas is thrilled that Mickey has glasses on his bed

    We don't bother seeing the Mouse himself as we have seen quite a bit of him annd go into the judges tent - I can't resist taking a pic of the coool balloons they have this year

    Well we found out where everyone who was staying on Disney property was - thery were in the Judges tent in Toontown, queueing up for the Fairies !! the wait time was 65 minutes, by contrast it was 5 to see the Princess' and as it happened it wasn't even that - they boys seemed quite 'keen' to see them so in we went

    They were very good with them, each Princess noticed that they were beyond the 'cute' stage and were looking a little tiny bit awkward and Each of them put them at ease and made them pose like Princes or Beasts which was kind of sweet

    Quick look around Minnies house followed

    And then a quick lunch at Cosmic Rays badly designed queing area for familes who want to eat from more than one of the menus Starlight Cafe

    Seriously it drives me potty everytime we eat here - its all one kitchen :dozey:

    Boys watch Sonny Eclipse whilst we decide what to do next and when to depart for BB

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    Brilliant as ever! It's great when the parks are empty, feels all special like they are all yours...great shots of the boys with the princesses

    Now I shall sit back and await the Blizzard Beach installment as it must surely be the one with the photos of the speedos I shall try not to get overexcited.

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    Nopics in BB sorry - couldn't swim and carry a camera

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    It may be a loooooooooong wait

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    Pardon me? Just EXACTLY what is meant by
    each Princess noticed that they were beyond the 'cute' stage
    hmmmmm? :dozey:

    Those boys are too cute for words. LOOK at the Matthew's face next to the Minnie in the last photo! He's beautiful. Thomas's expression with Aurora is too wicked perfect!!! I'll hear no more about "cute" thankyouverymuch!!!

    I really dislike the set up at Cosmic Ray's too. It's a handy place to eat with a decent selection (although we had some fairly icky chicken there last time we ate there) but getting the food from more than one of the ordering counters is real pain in the neck.

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    I'd never even noticed that it was 'your' fort. Lovely pics with the Princesses.

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    BTM is most definitely ours

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    That's ok you can have BTM as i have 'my' castle!

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