As some of you know... Mum and Dad went away this morning (Tuesday AM), and Myself and Jade are in charge of the house (obviously our relatives are all coming round during the day)

Anyway, my friend was staying over tonight, so he stayed in my bedroom at the front of the house, and I was in the back bedroom (Mum and Dads)

About 2AM, Jade and my friend (Ryan) knocked on the door saying there is a fire a few doors down from us. I got Niamh's crib, put it in the back bedroom (which has the smallest, tightest window) and then went around double checking all of the windows where locked. Jade phoned my aunty (aunty midwife who delivered Niamh) and asked if we should evacuate or stay put. We where going to put a damp blanket on her car seat and drive upto my Aunties house, but there was so much smoke outside we decided we where better inside. The fire is awful- the fire brigade is still out there now assessing the damage to the house down the road. Thankfully we didn't have to evacuate the house but it was very scary. Jade and Ryan heard a big smash and then people shouting- apparently someone noticed it was on fire and smashed a window.

I had to go into the back-garden to get the tortoises out of the shed as it was pluming with smoke that wasn't in OUR backgarden yet- but we knew that it would be soon, so I had to lock the conservatory door behind me so none of the smoke would get into the house. Their bedding would be flammable, but the Torts are now safley in a box in my bedroom. When I was out in the garden in the enclosure and the fire was awful and was spreading along their gutter too. There where firemen in the back garden of the house that was on fire and I could see the window- it was pluming out of the window- it was really horrible and like something off the telly.

There is no smoke in the house but it does stink!! The house ajoined to the one that was on-fire looks pretty badly damaged too- but luckily the lady who lives there is divorced and her children where at their dad's house.

A police officer knocked on our door to ask us if we where okay and get a statement from us, the lady who was in the house is elderly and is now in hospital I don't know her extremely well but we do know her daughter and grandson, the police officer sounded very grim when he said she was in hospital

Sorry if I have just rambled for a page and a half... but I am really shaken at the moment and I need to get it off my chest. My room stinks of smoke, as Do Jade's and Niamh's rooms, so myself and Ryan are asleep in the front room, and Jade is in the backbedroom. I've got the baby monitor next to my pillow so I can hear if any of them cough or anything.

Fire engine still running outside with a big huge stadium-type light to look into the house that is burnt out.