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Thread: 3 kids hit Disney - A couple od disappointments

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    3 kids hit Disney - A couple of disappointments

    Monday 20th August

    Alarm went off at 8am but the busy days and late nights are starting to catch up with us so I turned it off again!
    Eventually surfaced at 9.30am and threw some clothes on.
    Today we were off to Wet n Wild.

    Having never been to a Disney water park WW was the best wed ever done. (ex thought Disney water parks were a waste of a day!!!!!)

    We went via Walgreens to drop the waterproof cameras from DC off for processing and were in the park by 10.30ish.

    This place is more like a concrete jungle than I remember. It has really gone downhill IMO and it is very dirty. You can see rust on all the ride supports and rubbish dropped from the queuing areas of the rides.

    We lined up for a locker and joined one of the massive queues for a slide.
    Im not going to waste any time on what we did at the park as we only stayed 2 hours. We were that disappointed. I didnt even take any photos.
    There was no organisation and the life guards were really miserable.

    Enough said.

    The photos were ready when we got up to Walgreens and some of them had turned out great. Cant post any though because I cant be bothered to scan them!!!

    We went back to the hotel to shower and pack because today was our last day on I-Drive before we move to Disney. Everything was literally rammed into the cases as they would be unpacked again the next day. I was slightly concerned about how much wed bought already because the extra case was brought into use!

    After a quick bite to eat at Wendys we walked round to IOA as we were meeting friends later for another surprise.

    Obviously this time we had no FOTL pass and we had to wait 15 minutes to ride the Hulk!!!

    I had the kids caricatures (sp) done at the shopping area at the entrance of IOA and while I was watching another Dibber said hello to me but I cant for the life of me remember who it was so Im sorry.
    Pictures of the kids are fab and he really picked out their features including DDs pudgy nose and attitude and DSs cheeky smile and blonde highlights.

    I treated myself to a huge Patrick starfish without thinking about how I was going to get it home and we went to the bottom of the escalators to meet my friend Nikki.

    She had booked a stretch hummer as a surprise for her husband and kids and invited us along for a tour of the area.
    However we waited an hour and it never showed up. We were all gutted.
    Never did find out what happened to it.

    Nikki and her family decided to hit the parks while we took a taxi back to the hotel to finish packing (remember Patrick??!!!!)

    I rang Gregory at Quicksilver to book our town car for our transfer to Disney the next day then we caught the I-Ride trolley down to see CiCis off for a few $s worth of pizza. We love that place!!!

    We went in every gift shop on the way back up to the Rodeway and found the answer phone button flashing on the phone!!

    It was a message from Gregory at Quicksilver full of apology that he had quoted me the wrong price earlier and that our transfer tomorrow would be $48 not $54. The personal service was fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone. We will definitely be using them again next year.

    I decided to repack the cases due to our new purchases and we hit the sack for the last time on I-Drive at midnight.

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    A shame about WnW and the Hummer


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    I wonder what did happen to the Hummer?

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    We didn't 'do' WnW this year, I much prefer the disney water parks!!

    Great day though but shame the car didn't show! Good news that the car for tomorrow was less than quoted :p015:

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