I am trying my very best to not get too overexcited at the thought that I may very well be going to Disney in the next year but I have been doing a bit of this as well as a teensy amount of this

I have put this query into general as it's about which resort to stay in, but strongly tied into eating out too

Mr Deb and I have agreed we will go to Disney either this Autumn or around February-ish next year (dependent on a couple of other things). A little background: Mr Deb has been to WDW 3 times before, and each time stayed at the GF These trips were with his ex and his kids (now in their late teens) and so even though he has done luxury Disney, he has never done "grown-up" Disney. I have been 5 times, three of those trips were for 3 weeks, but have never stayed on Disney property. He has listened to my account of how different Disney can be when done without kidlets in tow, and he is quite excited for us to go together. My little dilemma is this.

We both love eating out in restaurants, and enjoying our meals is a huge part of our holidays, but also like to not overplan our time. We want to stay onsite (but I have missed my chance of staying at the GF now as I don't want him to associate it too much with his previous ones). On previous trips I have always been able to more or less eat where I wanted to when I wanted (with a few exceptions of course). The type of stay we have discussed is maybe staying in one of the EPCOT area hotels, like Beach Club or Boardwalk so that we can wander into the World Showcase in the evening a few times and enjoy some food or drinks, or get to one of the more easily accessable hotel restaurants. We really like the sound of that. However, I have not been since the free dining plan kicked in and I seem to hear so many reports of being unable to get into places without booking months in advance, and not being able to operate any spontaneity in when or where you eat if it's for full sit-down service. I'd like to know your opinions and experiences of this, as well as any suggestions as to how we can make this work most effectively, or whether there's a better area to stay to take full advantage of this. Downtown Disney would probably be very good for this too I guess? (that's of course if we go, she said very cautiously as she doesn't want to tempt fate ).

Thanks all