Today we started with a dragon hunt. OK I'll elaborate. In the last week of term I wandered into the school library and found a teaching assistant telling her class a story about a dragon. In the staff room I asked her about it and she told me of the legend of the Lyminster Knucker.

Lyminster has a dragon legend. The dragon was known as the Knucker and inhabited a supposedly bottomless pool known as the Knucker Hole and is situated just to the north of Lyminster.

The dragon was terrorizing the area and had eaten all the maidens in the area, leaving only the King of Sussexís daughter. The King offered his daughterís hand in marriage to anyone who could deliver her from the dragonís jaws. A local lad named Jim Puttock fed the dragon an indigestible pudding, then killed it whilst it was indisposed with a bout of bellyache! He got some of the dragonís blood on his hand and, after wiping his mouth after a celebratory pint of beer, Puttock also died.

The knucker hole still exists and is now a pond on a trout farm. The pond never freezes, no matter how cold it gets. Legend has it that the water is warmed by dragons breath.

Anyway, there's a cache there too so double the reason to go.

The dragon hunt starts at this lovely church where we spent 10 minutes wandering through collecting clues. The dragon slayers grave is inside the church but I never feel comfortable taking photos inside religious buildings so here's an outside one instead.

We've collected our clues so it's off to find the dragon.

And here is the knucker hole. Can you see any signs of dragons? Steven says if you look hard enough just over there you can see some dragon spikes.