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Thread: Carpe Diem Feb 09 - Wednesday 11th - Magic Kingdom and Blizzard Beach pt 2

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    Well over lunch we debated what we wanted to do before we left the Magic Kingdom, and the overwhelming answer from the boys was CoP

    So, well, we did that - they both sang loudly along to the tune and were bothe still and attentive during the talky bits - its amazing - if you'd asked me what they would both have fallen in love with a week ago I would never in a million years have guessed this - I am only glad it is still open for them to see a few years back they were planning on pulling the plug and opening only during the busiest of times ( just like Wonders of Life - and we all know what happened there). Try to spot the kitty in each segment and fail to find 2 of them.

    As we came out humming the tune that never ends we spy Stitch mucking about next to Buzz

    Stitch makes a massive fuss of Matthew as he has a Stitch 'Bumbag' which he keeps his autograph books in. ( you can see it in the pic)

    Afterwards he comes up and whispers 'I could feels his velcro'

    I think we are more upset as he is ruining the illusion for us to be honest

    Aquick spin around the TTA , well you have to dont you, its just there isn't it and then we start to wander out of the park.

    As it turns out we've done quite a lot here today when the plan was just to come for an hour or so

    On the way out we stop in the sweet shop to get Lisa one of those enormouse Rice Crispy treats that she loves so much and always craves when we are away from WDW - we get the massive one with the two smaller cricket ball sized ear ones which we open and tear into straight away

    Just as we leave we make a point of saying hi to a lonely looking Daisy who plays with Matthews Brer Rabbit for a bit

    Its now 2 pm as we get on the boat back to the WL, just time to grab our bathing bits and get the bus to BB.

    On the way we grab some towels by the side of our pool to take to the park ( not sure if we should or not but we did) and Matthew bows low and doffs his cap to one of the cleaners 'good afternoon' he says - not sure why he does this but she laughs so hard she almost has to clean up her own widdle

    It is rather warm as we arrive and its a very 'bright and squinty' kind of park. Hand over a wodge of cash for a locker :dozey: that is sooooo tight- I really think this should be complimentary you know.

    Get dressed in the company of a lot of people and try to keep an eye on the boy without looking at anything else

    Out we go , self concious as anything and the boys want to start in the Lazy river.


    1. How are you supposed to get into those dozey rings?
    2. How are you supposed to put your kids in those dozey rings and then get in yourself before they float off out of sight?
    3. Why do some people insist on swimming in there
    4. What is relaxing about being a crouton, floating about with a cold wet bum?
    5. Why is the water in the cave bit so flippin cold?
    6. Why do no 2 family members float at the same speed?
    7. Why is it wherever we get off , I have no idea where we are?

    Well as we get off we are somewhere near some slides - Matthew takes one look and says 'no thank you I want to go to the kids area'

    Thomas says
    'oooooooooo water slides'

    Lisa very quickly takes Matthew by the hand and says she'll be in the kiddy area when we are done :dozey:

    Quite busy today as its hot and there is about a 20 minute wait for each of the slides - we start with the Taboggans and the Snow Stormers which are all good fun then he comes over all misty eyed




    So we head for Summit Plummit

    He is easily the youngest boy in the queue which begins pretty much at the bottom of the staircase when we join it - Its a funny old queue as it doesn't ever seem to move but you end up going quite quickly , which frankly is fine as I am terrified of heights like this - dunno why the thin metal rails the stairs or the way it moves slightly in the high winds. its all terrifying to me - plus the fact you have to 'look cool and calm' along with all the bemuscled tanned young things waiting in line

    I try to grin through him pointing out the fact you can see all the parks from the top of the slide, and console myself with the fact that he will probably have a think in a minute and chicken out and then we can walk down again.

    Except you know what? He didn't and before I know it he is stepping into the bidet at the top of the slide and the chap is telling him what to do, and then he just goes!- No drama not a whimper just a smile and a woohoo and he is sliding down the shoot at 55mph ( that is what he was clocked at)

    Right, thanks Thomas - now the only resonsible adult for you at the moment is at the top of this bleedin slide and you are at the bottom of it, so over I go.

    If you have never done it , it is a strange experience , it is over very quickly. A top tip is to cross your ankles as they suggest

    Is this for hydrodynamic benefit to get the speeds really high dude?

    No, apparently, as I can testify to, if you don't it is the equivalent of being given an enema with a firehose.

    I left the slide clean on the inside as well as the out.

    Told thomas we would not be going 'Again again'

    and went to find Mummy and Matthew

    Its strange but we always end up the same way in BB - even though you are surrounded by water , due to the lack of cash we always end up a little dehydrated and headachey due to the glare and no matter how much sunscreen you put on a little tught in the skin around the face, Lisa is fed up as her feet have been cut up by the flooring in the kids area which is presumably like sandpaper to stop people falling over bit daft really

    Quick dress as it is now 5 pm and park shutting and off to get the bus back to WL - as we go through the lobby I decide to check the avaliability for an evening meal and we are told the wait may be 75 minutes which is fine

    Turns out the wait time is actually 5 minutes ; Have a fantastic meal and the boys really 'get it' this time Matthew wants ketchup on everything they do teh Hokey Cokey and the horsey ride but get no wooden money this time ( credit crunch I suppose).

    Then its time for the first proper ' shop' of the holiday in the WL store.

    The lovely CM is playing a game of 'hide the bear' and when the kids find him she gives them a certificate and a limited edition pin so that keeps the kids happy whilst we walk around going 'ooo, ooo and ooo' at things

    Off to bed arms laden with booty and cuddle upon the bed to watch A goofy movie - which I just love.

    Rang to check avaliablilty for the EPCOT fireworks viewing for tomorrow and told to ring back tomorrow but not to worry as there is loads of room left.

    We crash out as the EWP goes past the window again

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    Fantastic day! Very entertaining and I really did have quite the laugh.

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    Brilliant trip report as ever

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    What is relaxing about being a crouton, floating about with a cold wet bum?

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    Just read this trippie from start to (current) end. Laughing, crying, feeling the sun and the joy of your family! My countdown is down to 20 days today, and I can see, taste and smell the parks through your descriptions - Thankyou!

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    Oh yes, I still have a bruised backside and a very, very clean inside from SP!

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    So...I'll just cross BB right off my list of things to do....


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    I'm finally caught up on reading this, so where's the next one

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    Thomas is soo brave!!! Brilliant TR... BRING ON THE NEXT BIT!
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