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Thread: Britain's Got Talent

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    having trouble with utube thingie- have now put links

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    Thanks Brit!!! Yep. The green sweater girl is a right brat. A wrong brat too. Too bad her only claim to fame is being a smart mouth with no sense.

    The little boy though, he was great! Decent of Simon to stop him and let him choose another song.

    I'm getting the impression that Simon is a tough judge.

    Who is the woman judge in the middle with the long gold hair? I'm guessing I should know her, but I don't. :spring:

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    Oh she's nuthin' just a little miss fake tears husband cheater.

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    Is she an actress?

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    yes she is Tink, bit too much of a drama queen for me!!

    yes Simon is tough but life is tough and so is the business they all want to be in, i like him because he says it how it is- he is never nasty just honest. I think he's quite hot too

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    You do? Oh. Well. OK!

    So, is she remotely qualified to be judging? And Simon? What is he that qualifies him? I never really knew?

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    i think it's my age Tink

    he's a producer and manager that's what qualifies him i guess

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    Amanda Holden's family live where we do and her Dad works on the ferry.

    She used to live here too.

    The last thing i remember her being in is Wild at Heart.

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    Is that who she is? Amanda Holden? Not that I know any more now, but didn't know her name.

    That makes sense then about Simon, being a manager and all. He'd know talent then, eh?

    And the Piers person? He seems quite dignified. Is he an actor, too?

    Sorry to be so stupid about everyone but I don't often get a chance to watch mainstream television (and when I do it's not things like this).

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