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Thread: Celebrate tonight! - New party at Downtown Disney

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    As part of the rejuvenation of Downtown Disney’s Pleasure Island and this year’s promotion of “What will you celebrate!” guests will have another opportunity to celebrate whatever they desire at the Walt Disney World Resorts. Start thinking about what it is that you are celebrating today so you are ready to party into the night.

    Is it a birthday, anniversary, engagement or family gathering? Well, whatever it is join others at Pleasure Island in one big street party called Celebrate Tonight!

    Celebrate Tonight! is an energetic street party hosted by DJs who will spin the latest and greatest of party hits. As part of the celebration you will be able to join in on popular group dances and participate in many sing-alongs. There will also be stilt walkers and a party crew to help get the party started!

    Celebrate Tonight! will be held every night in the West End Plaza of Pleasure Island. Party times are Sundays through Thursdays 5 until 11 p.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays from 6 p.m. through midnight.

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    Sounds good to me I wonder if it is just for the peak seasons though or all year round.

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    Stilt walkers? Oh my!!! :wink:

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    sounds great!

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