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Thread: 3 kids hit Disney - Animal Kingdom Take 1

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    Thursday 23rd August

    Mickey woke us at 6.30am this morning. I thought this was supposed to be a holiday! I don’t get up this early for work!

    Anyway we were on the bus to Animal Kingdom by 7.15 and looking forward breakfast at Donald’s.

    We were the first in the breakfast line and on the look out for Year of a Million Dreams CMs. Exactly when and where do these things get given out.

    Being first into the park was really strange. It was so quiet. Not a sound. Quite eerie and then we spotted a CM pointing us in the direction of Breakfastosaurus.

    Photos taken we were the first in and seated. Our server introduced herself and we were soon stuffing our faces (bit of a recurring theme here).
    In no time at all Mickey, Donald, Pluto and Goofy had been for a photo and autograph session, photos were purchased, table was cleared and were ushered out for the next guests.

    I’m glad the meal was free on the dining plan as we didn’t really like it. It was very dark and very rushed. We didn’t really have time to enjoy what we were eating and the tables were really close together.
    Glad we’d done it though because we were now ready early to hit the park.

    In fact we were that early they hadn’t even done the rope drop to open the park! Which means we’d walked to the restaurant, had our photos done, met the characters, had breakfast and paid (well signed for DP) in less than an hour!!!

    As soon as the rope was dropped we headed for Everest.

    This was another first for us and we couldn’t wait.
    We were on the first train of the day (well I’m assuming they did a test run first) and we were not disappointed.
    This ride is FANTASTIC. The waiting area is so well themed, not that we took much notice as we were through it so quick. Not going to give any report on it as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

    We enjoyed it that much we got a fastpass as soon as we got off to ride again as the wait was already ½ an hour.
    Wanting to get the wet ride out of the way early on we headed for Kali River Rapids. It wasn’t even open and the line was massive. Twenty minutes later though we were laughing at a rather large chap in our raft who attracted every drop of water thrown in!! Sorry if you’re a Dibber but it was soooo funny.

    Kilimanjaro Safari was next on the list. This was really busy so we collected a fast pass and the kids ran over to meet King Louie and Baloo. We added more photopass photos to our card then I spotted a crowd just down the path.
    The elusive Divine was there blending in with the flora and fauna (sp?) so I took the opportunity to snap away.

    We spotted yet another PP photographer and the kids and i had our pics done with ‘Simba’

    Despite have a fastpass for KS we waited forever. They seamed to be taking ages to load the trucks so we played ‘spot the lucky family who were in the right place at the right time, wherever that me be, to get a flippin’ dream fast pass’
    I want one. Although I would settle for a stay in my castle

    The safari we were on was the worst one we’ve ever done; it was really bumpy and fast. We couldn’t understand a word the driver/guide was saying and we didn’t see many animals. There was a hairy moment though when we stopped for a photo opportunity in with the rhinos because one was close to the truck while on the other side another one was preparing to charge!!!!

    Our fast pass time was nearly finished for Everest so we almost ran back over. Not good in that heat after a few days of free dining.

    The line was now well over an hour and all the fast passes were gone so we made the most of what we thought would be our last ride.

    I had to have one of my favourite Mickey bars to cool down and we went into one of the shops for a bit of air conditioning relief.
    This ‘key to the world’ system is all well and good but it’s just too easy to charge stuff and send it back to the resort. I relieved them of a couple of Pal Mickey outfits and DS bought his Tree of Life playhouse. We had a nice chat with the CM who was about to embark on a trip to the UK and then decided to go to Dinoland.

    TBC as there's too many photos to add in one post!!!!

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    EE makes me feel i'll! I can manage one ride but that's it!


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    Hmmm, Mickey Bar!

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    Great start, i loved EE but it frightened the life out of me! lol

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    Great day again and fab pics.

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