Today, we visit the holyland...

Lunch at Biergarten...and by lunch, I mean more Incriminator. The boy was downright giddy with excitement.

I don't have any photos of the food...of course you knew we wouldn' wasn't about the food. (Though it was tasty :wink: You can view the menu here.)

Jon ordered a litre of the Abbreviator. A LITRE. I thought he was going to need a knife and fork to finish it Now do you see why the menu didn't matter a whit?

We were encouraged to enjoy lunch at a leisurely pace as Oktoberfest Musikanten did not play their first set until around 1:15. We were *not* disappointed! These guys are FANTASTIC!

Ticky Tocky, Ticky Tocky, HOY HOY HOY!


At the end of our meal, Jon was presented with a *lovely* birthday card from the CM's as well as a YUMMY looking gingerbread cookie

The boy and his kingdom...