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Thread: Believe at SeaWorld

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    Highlights from the Believe show at SeaWorld. Click on the HQ button as soon as the video starts for a better quality viewing.

    Part one....


    Part two....


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    Another Shamu Fan!

    Its a must see every time we go to Orlando. We have sat through several shows on same day!. We have hours & hours of video and stills [Im sure our seats have our names on!] and still we are amazed at the interaction. Every "show" is different in detail and we are still impressed that the Whales call the shots!
    If they do not want to display then they wont... and the staff have to cancel the shows. Its great the way the juvenile Whales mimic their elders and you can see they just want to play, especially when they get the chance to soak the Towel sellers.

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    i luvved this new show too

    we always go see shamu every trip its a not to miss event imo

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