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That's right, I wanna know your secrets. Where is the best hidden Mickey, the best ice cream, the best place to watch a parade, etc. etc.

Share with all of us your best secret, tip, or anything else that you'd like to share with everyone.

Did you know that the POP Century is the only Disney value that has Coke Icees (frozen coke) and that's why I always try to stay there.

Do you have a Disney story that you've never shared....

Did you know that I cried the very first time I took my kids to Disney. Yep, had to stop and cry all over my poor husband because we did Disney World on our honeymoon and now we were back with kidlets. AND I still get all mushed up everytime I see the castle, I just can't help it, Disney is just special to me.

Did you know that our very own Tink writes the best "on the scene" reports ever and if we ask nice she might just do a couple for us :smiley4:

Okay, now it's your turn to tell me something I never knew about....well, about anything at all :smiley5:
I was very emotional when I saw cinderellas castle for the first time. When it first came in to view from the mk bus from our resort I admit I shed a tear.

When we arrived at mk I dashed of the bus to the entrance and ran up main street to see the castle in all its glory. A day I will never forget.