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Thread: Our Canon Pixma Printer has bust I think - any ideas

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    Very happy with our IP8500 but suddenly it has stopped printing the red and has gone quite 'streaky' - once upon a time it did this because one of the many cartridges was not clicked down properly but this is not the case - have replaced the red twice and done all the usual 'deep clean routines' even checked all the nozzles manually - not sure what else to do

    any ideas?

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    Did you check the paper thickness settings? I've had my DW's little Canon do that kind of thing when the wrong paper type was selected.

    Tom (... hoping it helps!)

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    Nah paper was fine - really cant see why no red is coming throught

    thanks though

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    thump the side sharply works quite often!

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    Have you turned it on and off again?

    Just kidding.... I would do a full re-install and then run all the set-up stuff again- collating and everything. I've had a printer do this to me, and I really didn't know what was wrong with it.. so I just un-did it all and installed it again and it sorted itself out
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