Ok the laptop is beginning to show signs of weakness :mad: the weakpoint from my experience anyway is the link to the screen and this is beginning to show signs of the dreaded flicker - also the hard drive is small and the USB ports are simply not up to what I need for my astro stuff - according to the boards I'm on there Acer USB's do drop out sometimes and I cant afford for that to happen even for a millisecond

Having spent a frustrating weeked to say the least trying to sort out something on my MILs laptop using Vista in anger for the frst time I was ready to throw the ****** thing against the wall - it is the single clunkiest most paranoid least user friendly piece of garbage I have ever used and finding a good laptop with XP on is getting increasingly hard

Which brings me onto MACs - I have been massively impressed not only with the ergonomics but the bulletproofness () of my iPhone and my ipod , and I am pretty late to owning one of them I can tell you.

I am , I'm afraid a microsoft boy through and through and used to have fun tinkering with windows 3.1 using my autoexec.bat and config.sys boot discs with confidence and have kind of 'grown' with them. I am comfortable with them and know where I stand, but I'm just not sure I could live with vista

How easy is it to be up and running with a macbook or macbook pro quickly - I'm afraid I love to tinker with all the settings on the computer and the Macs just look kind of alien to me ( daft I know) so for othersthat made the switch is it instinctive and easy?