Well it is now lunchtime and witth low expectations I approach the podium outside the Rose and Crown and ask is there is any avaliability, clearly we have been anticipating all along that walk ups would be a nono now that DDP has taken over - however we were wrong and there was immediate seating They certainly created the original British feel as the chap was quite grumpy

Before lunch is served Lisa and I enjoy the nicest pint of Guiness I have ever had anywhere in the world ever - I am sure it really wasn't any different to any other but I was parched and we were in WDW It was superb and had to be accompainied by another almost immediately - the Florida heat clearly makes beer evaporate at an alarming rate.

Well to add to the great British feel of the pub the food was late, tiny portions and was overpriced - aahhh Blightly how I miss thee. Infact one of the best things about the trip so far was that we had gone 6 days without anyone mentioning the words 'Credit and Crunch' that was initself worth the price of the entire trip

1/2 way through the meal Matthew, who by this point was getting rather 'excited' after a large glass of coke started to produce an unpleasant aroma.

'Its not me' ..... he protested

'Its the crayons!'

:dozey: No its not, so Lisa drags him off for the completion of his Winnie whilst I revisit the YMCA routine to try and pay the bill.

As we wander across the street to find our first kidcot stop Matthew tugs on my arm and says.

'You know those Princess' we saw yesterday?'
'Yes mate'
'They were Soooooo pretty I just wanted to kiss them'

Into the shop to buy our passports, after they are stamped and masks are scribbled on

Matthew goes off to hug Pooh and Thomas and I wander the shop.

'Why is this book Harry Potter and the Sourcerers Stone?' he asks and I try and answer in as diplomatic a way as possible, he also wants to know why all the football books have 'Soccer' on the cover as this is supposed to be England

Well we are just about done here but before we go to France Matthew finds Peter Pan at the International gate, Apparently Peter pan has never heard of Mr Bump :dozey: honestly never grown up British and never read a Mr Man book!!

Pretty quick stop off in France just to do the usual bits and bobs , the kidcot stops have now been sponsored by Sharpie so there are large punets of these at each stop.

Chap is up on his chairs again in France as we walk by and into Morocco.

The lady there is lovely and spends ages talking with the boys and writing things they want in their passports, No one is in the Baghdad area of Morocco ( ) for the meet and greet so we wander through the bazarre.

Obligatory fez shot ( wonder if anyone ever buys one of these?)

Japan is being refurbished at the moment so it looks a little odd and the lady is on the ground outside banging away at her drum, there is a large crowd outside so we hed into the shop.

Matthew stops dead

'Pokemon!!!!!!!! '

'Daddy, am I allowed more that 7 he says as he stares at the mountain of plushes'

Negotiations then took part that would have made the united nations proud and we got him down to 2 - unfortunately he vaselated endlessly over which 2 he wanted - the fuss he made you would have thought the question was - which of your feet can I cut off - anyway for anyone who knows this stuff ( Gareth ) He chose Dialga and Darkrai and Thomas had Piplup and Pikachu - we then had to physically drag them through to the kidcot stop in the Toy museum.

A nice couple of ladies are doing the stop today a young lady takes their passports and strats to write their name in Japenese. Thomas absenmindedly picks up a sheet of Origami paper and starts making a crane ( - there is no geek hobby to which he does not subscribe ) the older lady watches him over the top of her 1/2 moon glasses as he folds and gives him a swift curt Mr Miagi type nod of approval which he doesn't see. Unfortunately a nearby 30ish American chap does see this and leans accross the table to grab a sheet of paper which he then folds into a crane infront of her. He gazes expectantly into her eyes also seeking approval, unfortuately she just stares at him with a look of pity.

Thomas then wants some Origami paper so we buy this on the way out along with a new book for him on Mathematical origami squared

Next up, if I remember correctly is the American pavillion where for once the ladies doing the stop were quite happy and chatty They wern't however THAT interested in Matthews Pokemon despite his best efforts to ram them into their faces.

After a while some people in wigs turned up and played the theme tune to 'Roger Ramjet' which was nice.

Feeling in need of a beverage so we grab a frozen lemonade and sit in the sun.

Matthew decides that the ultimate is to try and blow bubbles through his frozen Lemonade - this is not to be recommended and makes quite a mess.

This is a picture of Lisa doing her 'stern' face to try and tell him off

Needless to say most of the ice went on the floor

Next up is Italy....